Day 19 – Salt Lake City

Today was mostly a day of rest. I didn’t even take any photos! (the featured photo on this post is a mural that was in Park City)

Sandy & I got Starbucks in the morning, then read and putzed around a while. Around noon, we went to a movie. We saw “Late Night” and both really liked it. Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson are both great in it.

After the movie, we went to Lowe’s because Sandy was going to repot some plants and needed supplies. We got home, and I played on my phone then went upstairs to nap/rest a little bit. During that time, Sandy worked on her plants.

Around 6 pm, she had her book club which has discussions which take place on Twitter. I read my book. Then we went to get dinner (delicious Atlantis Burger), and later we called our mom which had been postponed from our usual Monday night call due to our ghost tour adventure in Park City.

We put together a rough plan for what we want to do tomorrow – new restaurant! another walk! – and now it’s time for bed. Until tomorrow!

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