Day 21 – Salt Lake City / Open Reading 1 – Speak for Yourself at Enliten Cafe – Provo

Today for breakfast, Sandy & I went downtown to a wonderful little French patisserie called Les Madeleines for their scrumptious Kouign Amann:


If you’ve had one, you know. If not, it’s the perfect combination of sugary crunch and tender insides, like a croissant but a little gooier. Just heavenly. After breakfast, it was time to walk, so we headed to Memory Grove Park which is up in the Avenues near the capitol building.

We couldn’t have scripted a nicer day or a better temperature, and the walk itself was lovely. I love trails that make you feel like you’re nowhere near civilization, but it’s really quite close. Check out these pics:

It’s not a loop trail so we turned around when the trail started looking a little wonky for us and we couldn’t see a way across the river. But on the way back, we took a different trail that took us up the hillside above the water.

You can see the capitol in a couple of those photos above. Of course, when you go up, you must come down, and the trail had a lot of loose gravel so we were very cautious, very slow, and very sweaty after that downward way. But we made it!

Then we went home, and chilled out, showered, read, etc. Later, MT brought home some lunch (Atlantis Burger again!)

We left around 5:30 pm to head to Provo to attend the first open reading of this leg. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to secure any features after Rochester so I found some open readings that fit my travel schedule.

Traffic was terrible on the way to Provo which is only about 50 miles from Sandy’s house, but it took about an hour and a half to get there. The reading’s website said that sign-up started at 7 pm and the reading started at 7:30 pm. Not knowing how well attended or anything really about this reading, I wanted to get there on time so I could be sure to get on the list. Turns out we were fine. When we got to the place (Enliten Cafe), it didn’t look like anything was going on other than people eating. I spotted a girl with a journal on her table and asked if she was here for the reading. She seemed surprised but said yes and that it was her first time at this reading. She said it didn’t start until 8 pm. So at least we had time to eat. Enliten shares its building space with a restaurant called Guru’s. The food wasn’t too great, and I was nervous that I would miss something so I only ate half of my steak wrap, then went to sit on the cafe side. I also asked a couple of girls in front of me in line and the barista about poetry, and they all said that yes, there would be poetry around 8 pm.

Pretty much right at 8 pm, people come into the cafe with purpose, and I assumed it was the host and it was. She got the mic set up and got the list started. I signed up at #4 then we waited. Sandy and MT had come with me. When the host, Audrey, started off the reading, it turned out that no one had signed up in the 1, 2, or 3 position so I was first. She also said that it was a short list of readers (only 6), so when I got up there and asked how long I had (7 minutes), one guy said it could probably be longer since it was a short list. So I think I read 6 pieces. Sandy took a couple photos:

It went fine, but the sound was a little funky. We stayed for all of the readers. It’s obviously a group that knows each other well, and they’re all on the younger side, I’d assume college age. There were a couple older gentlemen there. Another interesting thing was that a few people read “covers.” One did a Joy Harjo piece and another Ferlinghetti. One guy read a couple different pieces from local poets who couldn’t be there tonight.

The sound was an issue most of the night. I’m not sure how it could have been fixed. As far as open readings go, I’d say it was pretty standard. Hooray that there even is an open reading there every week. Sadly, I didn’t sell any books, but one guy did ask where he could get one later so I let him know that it’s on Amazon.

The drive home wasn’t as bad as the way there, and we were there by 10:30 pm. Sandy & I stayed up to watch a movie but mostly to eat the 2nd Kouign Amann we’d gotten to go that morning! We got about 3/4 of the way through Ghostbusters (2016) and decided to call it a night.

Tomorrow, we head to Las Vegas, and I’m kind of weirdly excited about it. Mostly just to have more time with my sister. Until then!

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