September check-in

Hi friends! It’s been over a month since I’ve posted so I thought I’d get you caught up on my happenings.

I guess the main thing was that I started working at the Cypress College bookstore. I started on August 7 with three other people. They are all students at the college. We were trained a bit on their computer system and got the layout of the store. That afternoon I had an online interview with another company that helps non-native speakers with their college application essays which are written in English. To sum that up, I was hired and have signed a contract but have yet to receive any work from them. I checked in with the woman I’ve been in touch with and she said work should be coming soon. I worked at the bookstore again on the 8th, and that was it for that week.

On Saturday the 10th, I drove down to San Diego where I first met up with my former co-worker and pal for 20 years or so, Mike, at Balboa Park with his dog, Penny. We went to the dog park then went for appetizers and drinks at the Prado. It was great to see him and to catch up on each other’s lives.

After that I headed to the Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club for the Texacali Music Festival that my friend, Christopher Dale, put together. My girl, Barbara, was in town to play it along with a couple other acts from Austin. It was a lovely day in the sunshine. I got to see my other girlfriends, Becky (and her man, Bill) and Julie, and some other folks who were in attendance. It was a good time!


The next week, I worked another two days at the bookstore. On the days I didn’t work, I took walks in the morning. What’s great, and kind of amazing, is I haven’t repeated a trail yet. Well, I should say, there are a couple that I have walked a little bit of overlap, but the overall trail has been different. There are so many! It’s been fantastic. I really enjoy it. My longest one thus far has been just over five miles, and I’ve done a couple of those. I would post more pictures, but as you saw in the last post, they all kind of look alike, haha.

One place I went was the Fullerton Arboretum. It’s a lovely space that reminds me a lot of Sandy’s Red Butte Garden. I liked it so much, I told Mom about it, and then we went to it a few days later so she could see it. I think she really liked it, too. They have a lot of different types of plants and trees, shady spots, benches. It’s just super cool. And it’s free somehow.

The following week, I worked three days. Slowly getting the hang of it. I work mostly the register, but I have worked the floor as well, helping students find the books for their courses. That week, on Wednesday, I made another trip to Orange to the Ugly Mug to hear my friend, Brendan Constantine feature. He’s just so very good. Shortly after I arrived and was ordering a drink, he arrived. He said that seeing me was “restorative” which I thought was very nice.

The next week, the week of the 26th, was when things got really busy at the bookstore. Classes started on the 26th, and this week was the reason I was hired – “rush” week. The store was bustling, and I found that I really enjoyed it when it was so busy. It made the hours fly by, and it wasn’t as anxiety-inducing as I was afraid of. It did get pretty warm though. And, well, I think I’m perimenopausal or something because I would get really hot, like visually sweating. Anyway, it all was fine. I worked every day that week, getting off early on Wednesday and Thursday due to previously scheduled things.

Thing 1: Mom and I went to see Lindsay and Jules (her drummer) in Pasadena on the 28th, the last night of their tour. It was so good to see her, hear her, and squeeze her (and Jules).

Thing 2: On Thursday, I had been selected to take a written examination in steps toward becoming a senior library page for the City of Commerce Public Library. It was a multiple choice test with alphabetizing and numerical ordering, some customer service questions, and some math (one of which I got wrong and am so bothered about). We were told we’d here if we passed (needed 70% to move forward) and would be given further information at that time. Spoiler alert: I passed and am now waiting to be contacted for an interview with library services.

Another fun thing I did in August was participate in a photo challenge on Instagram. Every day there was a prompt, and we needed to post a photo to that prompt. Sandy, Mom, and I all participated and that was fun.

On Friday after work, I took my car in for an oil change and routine maintenance. Mom & I had lunch at Black Angus. On Saturday I went for a walk. I tried to walk on Sunday, but it just didn’t happen (no parking at the trail head then I fell into analysis paralysis). I walked on Monday which was Labor Day. I was scheduled to work the rest of the week, and I did work Tuesday and Wednesday the full day (7:30am-4pm). On Thursday, I had another interview, this time at Kohl’s. When I walked in for the interview, I realized I didn’t want to work there, but I wanted the interview experience. But even that wasn’t the best because it was a group interview in that there were 4 candidates and one interviewer. We were all asked the same questions and just took turns answering them. It was for a seasonal position, so basically the week of Christmas, either super early in the morning (4 am) or late at night (off at 2 am) for only $12.20/hour. I really didn’t want it after learning that, and well, they didn’t want me either, haha. After that I went to work at 11 am, and was scheduled until 7:30 pm, but it was slow, so I was told to clock out at 3 pm, then got an email the next morning to not come in that day and not Monday either. Methinks my time there is measured.

As I was writing this entry, I randomly had to check my email, and I got the first couple assignments from the editing job so yay! And hopefully, I’ll hear from the library to interview soon. I have also still been applying for full-time jobs and some part-time ones that are more about editing etc. My MediCal is active now, and I have some things to do for that, but I have a dentist and a primary care doctor selected so that’s good.

One more thing before I sign off. I randomly texted Mike on Friday to see how he was doing, and I ended up getting invited to go to the SDSU football game at the Rose Bowl the next day. He and a couple other guys that I also know (one, Steve, from Road Runner and from Mike subsequently and one, Adam, from my last job) picked me up at the Holiday Inn off the freeway, and we headed to Pasadena stopping for beer and food for the tailgate. These guys are master tailgaters, with a pop-up tent, chairs, games etc. A couple of Steve’s buddies joined us too, and they were nice. The tailgate was fun. It was HOT!! Then it was seriously about a mile walk to the stadium and to our seats. Again, it was HOT, stifling even. But with some water and a cool wet paper towel on my neck got me through to see the Aztecs beat the Bruins for the first time a super long time. My pals were SO EXCITED and happy. I mean, it could not have been better. It was a really fun and unexpected way to spend my Saturday, but it was awesome.


Tomorrow I’ll find out what, if any, hours I’ll get at the bookstore for the week. This coming weekend, I’m going to head down to San Diego to hang with some friends. Then the weekend after that, Sandy & T are coming to visit! I’m sure in the meantime, more trail walks!

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    Nice post!

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