oops! and today so far

I completely forgot to post yesterday. I realized it around 11:51 pm. I figured I’d do two posts today, but I don’t think that will happen. Oh well, if the NaBloPoMo police come to get me, you know why 🙂

Yesterday I played tennis in the morning fog which was pretty nice actually since there was no sun. I was warm enough too. I “played” for over an hour and it felt good. After that, I did some of my editing job, and packed up the car with all the donations for Goodwill. It filled up the whole back area of my car with the back seats flat. There was a lot of stuff! Mom & I went to the library, then dropped off the stuff, then went to have breakfast for linner (that’s lunch/dinner combo). We went to Scotty’s in Whittier. I’ve been there a couple times by myself for morning-time breakfast. It’s cute inside. Mom was craving chicken fried steak. She and my dad once thought about going there, but they didn’t end up going. Once Mom got her food, it made her a little sad because Dad would have liked it (the food and the place). I had their ultimate griddle combo which includes a short stack, potatoes (I got O’Brien), eggs (over easy), sausage (patty), and biscuit (hold the gravy). It was a ton of food, but it was tasty and quite filling. Afterward, I was in the mood for pie, and since my birthday is coming up, we decided to go for it. We went to Polly’s and got a chocolate silk pie. Yum. Then I stayed up way past my normal bedtime watching the CMA Awards. I’m listening to a podcast called “Dolly Parton’s America” (thanks for the tip, Sandy!), and she was one of the hosts along with Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire. I was not familiar with many of the nominees, but it was fine.


This morning, I got up a little later than usual (around 7:30 am) and went for a walk. During the summer, I made a point to not repeat trails if I could help it. Now in fall and as winter moves in, I find I like staying closer to home so I am repeating the trails I know around here. Today, I walked to the water tower (3rd time), but there are trails kind of surrounding it that shoot off from the main trail so I explored those. They weren’t very long, but it all still added up to about 3 miles. It was quite foggy again this morning, and it didn’t burn off until about noon. After the walk, it was more editing and reading. Mom & I went to the grocery store, then had lunch at a new place that recently opened called RevenTaco (weird name). But it was nice, clean and big. Their asada taco was good as was their guacamole. We also went to Home Depot and bought a couple house plants. Later tonight, we’ll talk to Sandy who’s going on vacation shortly. I’ll probably read and watch TV, too. So exciting! But don’t worry, I have some things coming up that will be (probably) more interesting.

p.s. I updated my Poetry page with some info about my book. Get your holiday shopping done!

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