An interview!

This morning I played tennis against the wall at the park. I felt pretty good about it. I was starting to get in my head a little bit about my phone interview with a company later that morning. I got home and prepared some. They called at 11 am, and it was a pretty basic call. I answered some standard questions, talked about how I’d heard about the job, my experience, my salary requirements. I asked about the work environment and the job duties. The HR person said they’d talk to the hiring manager and get back to me. I really have no idea. I’ve been on the other side, not the HR person, but the hiring manager, and I wonder if the HR person heard something that meant “definite no” or possibly “maybe” or even maybe “should move on.” I guess I’ll learn more hopefully next week, but maybe even later. I’ll keep you posted. When that was done, I was kind of at a loss. I hadn’t really planned anything beyond that call. I pretty much lounged the rest of the day. Read some. Watched some TV. Periodic checks of all the social media channels. Tried to make some plans to see different people over the weekend down in San Diego. For dinner we had Indian food which was good. Fairly busy morning followed by a lot of lounging. Not a bad day 🙂

P.s. the picture is of a bunch of pelicans swimming around in the lake at La Mirada Regional park

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  1. Ben McGrath says:

    Hey Lizzie,

    Love the Blog….My 2 cents about interviews……I worked as a recruiter for 7 years. One thing we councilor our job seekers about was not to discuss money unless asked. You wanna know about the opportunity first. if this isn’t the “right fit” then it prolly don’t matter if it’s lots more money than you want. I know unsolicited advice is not generally received well……but……hope you don’t mind…….. Have a maaahhhvelous holiday celebration season.

    Be well, Ben


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