Always have a plan or, at least, have cookies

The day started well. Becky & I chatted a bit then said our farewells then I met up with Lindsay at Better Buzz in Hillcrest where I had a DELICIOUS breakfast sandwich & a YUMMY iced mocha. We had a wonderful conversation, I do love her so. After that, I wasn’t sure what to do. Here’s where the plan part should have kicked in, but I had only planned the morning and evening (early dinner with Heather). I guess I’m the back of my mind I figured I’d go for a hike/trail walk, but I hadn’t chosen where, didn’t have water, and hadn’t taken into account the weather. It wasn’t hot, but I generally don’t like walking at high noon. I made my way to Morley Field thinking I’d do one of those trail walks until I read in the reviews to watch out for encampments. Wasn’t feeling that so much. Thus spun my analysis paralysis. I sat in my car watching videos & playing games until around 12:30 when I decided to see if Heather could meet earlier. Turned out she was nearer to me, in Mission Valley, having lunch with family to celebrate her niece’s birthday. We tried to figure out if we could meet to see a movie. I parked again as we corresponded. The majority of movies started around 2 & 4. It was about 1:30 by this time. I didn’t want to hang around til 4 & she wasn’t going to be able to make a 2 pm showing. We scrapped it for now. By this time, I was annoyed with myself for not having done anything – read, write, have lunch, walk along the beach, anything else but sit in my car – and I was eager to get home. I texted Mom I was heading home. So I started north when I remembered I had wanted to get a or some cookies from a shop that’s only in SD. Since I was already heading north, the Pt Loma shop was out. I checked the map which said there was one in Poway, a little bit of a detour but only 20 minutes away. Great. Until. It wasn’t a storefront but a distribution point or something. Boo. So then I saw there was one in Carlsbad, still on my way north but 40 minutes away from where I was. I basically added an hour to my return trip not to mention all the time just sitting I gotta my car. Gah, major fail! But, I did get cookies, so there’s that.

And I did get a blog post title out of it which makes for a good rule of thumb, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. Sandy Thompson says:

    Me love cookies!!!

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