Preparing for rain

I almost let another day go by without posting. I honestly just plumb forgot about it yesterday. *shrug*

Maybe it’s because I got a little thrown off my usual routine yesterday when I was asked if I could go in to work at the bookstore to cover a shift for someone who called in sick. I did because a little more dough is better than some. I worked 9am-1pm. After work, Mom & I went to the grocery store and stocked up on some stuff. She made chicken salad for a light late lunch. When evening rolled around, I just had some cheese and crackers. Plus some Ben & Jerry’s pumpkin cheesecake ice cream. Yum!

Today I got going finally and hit the tennis wall. I realize it takes me longer to get out the door these days. Maybe because it’s a little chilly in the morning or because I’m feeling some holiday or winter laziness creeping in. But since it’s supposed to rain the next two days, I wanted to get in some kind of a workout. I feel like my tennis sessions are gaining in intensity. I’m breathing hard earlier than I had been. Haha.

After tennis, my usual: Starbucks, read. I joined an online book club at the encouragement of my sister. It’s run by a former Utah Jazz player, Ekpe Udoh. She’s been in it a long time it seems like. I subscribed for the last book, but I wasn’t able to get a copy. I signed up for the next book, and surprisingly, I received it from Ekpe via Amazon. It’s called “House of Salt and Sorrows.” I’ve read to the stopping point for the first discussion which is tomorrow. The club “meets” on Twitter. Fun!

I also did some editing work, then Mom & I went to one of our favorite places for happy hour, La Huasteca. It was great, filling and satisfying. She likes the mango margarita. And bonus, she got a free berry margarita that’s a new drink they’re adding to the menu. They had made one to photograph and then offered it to us. I had a sip of it, and it was good. Mom liked it too. After we got home, I worked on my finances a bit.

I have a lot of editing work to do in the next couple days which will keep me busy while it’s raining. I also work at the bookstore tomorrow. That’s the latest!

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  1. Sandy Thompson says:

    Book club!!

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