Another post-midnight post

Wow. It’s not that I’m busy in the evenings, it just doesn’t dawn on me until late to remember to post.

Rainy morning. Starbucks, editing work, then to bookstore. Home, Twitter book club (first time-fun!), more editing, dinner, watch TV (Gilmore Girls marathon!), play game on my phone.

Mom & I chatted about Christmas. Shopping, as a whole, stresses her out, and the holidays seem to pile it on. I told her that since that last Christmas with Dad, I’d just as soon forget the holiday altogether. In a way. I’m not exactly sure what I mean by that, but I hate the thought of her stressing out so much to buy a gift for me. I mean she gives me so much already. I don’t need, nor am I pining for, anything. What are your thoughts on gift-giving and the holidays in general?

p.s. photo is of a mural I saw in Laramie WY during my book tour

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy Thompson says:

    I have many thoughts on this. Will probably save for Monday call.

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