The sky was blue and full of puffy clouds today, but the temperature was chilly (for here) most of the day, in the low 50s. I have missed getting out to exercise these last few days.

Today, I spent more time editing. The UC applications are due tomorrow so there’s been a flurry of activity this week. Good for me!

Around 3:30 pm, Mom & I headed to Whittier to get haircuts. It was what I asked for for my birthday. Mom went first so I went to get a coffee, then sat and read while I waited. Mom’s hair came out really cute. My turn next. I don’t get my haircut very often. For the last few years, it’s been once or twice a year. My last cut was in April. I told her that I need super low maintenance because I’m very lazy when it comes to my hair. I’m very happy with how it turned out. It’s exactly how I picture my hair all the time, though it rarely lives up to my expectation 🙂 Here’s a before and after shot:

my eyebrows are so dark compared to my hair!

When we were done, we went just next door to a restaurant called Phlight. We feasted! It’s a tapas place with some Spanish stuff, some South American stuff, what they like to call fusion these days. We each ordered two small plates and we got patatas bravas to share. They were not bad, but not spectacular. My plates were spinach croquetas and albondigas. I was very pleased with both. Very yummy. Mom got a pork belly taco and sobresada. She loved the taco and liked the sobresada. We were very pleased overall.

Then home and back to editing work for me! And, hey, at least I remembered to write while I was sitting at my laptop, not minutes before I fell into bed! Now it’s time for pie!


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  1. Sandy Thompson says:

    cute hair!

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