last day of November

Oh my gosh! I (kind of) did it! Okay, so I missed a couple days, and some days had two posts because it was after midnight, but really, I’m happy with myself for sticking to it. And thanks to anyone who kept up with my posts!

Today was again sunny in the morning but cold. It was 48 degrees. The sun was out, but it didn’t last very long. It got grey and stayed cool all day. I was editing for some of the day. Not much else really going on. Honestly. I’ve been here at my desk working with breaks to look at social media, have lunch (chicken salad sandwich), play with the dog.

Oh, I did make my list for holiday cards so I’ll get on that probably tomorrow and into next week. I need to work on some poems, one in particular for the Star of India on the 14th.

What else is coming in December? My sister’s coming to visit! She’ll be with us to go to San Diego per the above Star of India show, plus we’ll be celebrating my mom’s birthday. I also have an appointment to get my Real ID. Oh yeah, then there’s the holidays etc. 🙂 I also hope to see a couple movies. Top of the list is “Knives Out.” May your days be merry & bright.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. josefa wann says:

    Good job posting daily! I started well and then… 🙂

  2. Sandy Thompson says:

    I loved reading about your day-to-day life! Good job!!

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