Welcome to 2020!

This week, I’ve been working on my “Unraveling” workbook. I’ve completed the workbook since 2015, I think. It usually takes me a few days. First you look back at the year that is being ushered out and then you look ahead to the year that lies ahead. This exercise isn’t just write down some resolutions. There is some deep stuff to think about if you really want to do the work.

Last night, new year’s eve, I spent a good solid amount of time looking back at the last 10 years. (Is 2020 the start of a new decade or the end of one? No one seems to be able to agree.) Anyway, there were lots of things I hadn’t thought about in quite some time, so it sure was enlightening to go back and figure out what happened when and oh! that happened then?

As you know, dear reader, I’ve been hit and miss with keeping up with this blog. But for a while, I had some good runs. Thankfully, I also did yearly recaps for the first few years (2009-2014 or so) which was super handy. I was also looking back through Google photos to understand what my timeline looked like. (Insert hindsight is 2020 joke here). I thought it was a such a good practice, I’m instituting it again, first for the year of 2019, then I’ll recap the last 10 years, at least with the things I pulled out from my various places to find out what the hell I was doing. I should mention that my mom does monthly recaps which are good, too. Maybe I should start that (though they’d be very similar!)

2019 Recap:

– my work was part of an art exhibit called Xquisite Corpse and was shown at Bread & Salt Gallery in San Diego
– was part of the Women’s Museum reading
– did Women’s March in San Diego
– had serious knee pain in right knee diagnosed as arthritis

– attended first Lady Brain meeting
– participated in recording for Lindsay White’s song “Let Love Lead the Way”
– saw Naomi Shihab Nye read her poetry, got books signed
– dinner with former professor Quincy Troupe at Adrian Arancibia’s house & then saw him read the next night at DG Wills
– started physical therapy
– saw Poltz at Belly-Up (birthday show)

– saw Dead Rock West at Nate’s Garden Grill
– more physical therapy
– did March for Black Women
– saw some shows of fellow Lady Brain members (Spiritual Motels, Podunk Nowhere, Becca Jay, Shepherd’s Canyon)
– saw Poet Laureate Tracy K Smith read at USD
– recorded Lady Brain podcast with Cathryn

– workplace rebranded, new name & new HQ announced
– gave my notice at work
– did SDPA reading in Pt Loma
– saw BHST at Java Joe’s (a church in OB)
– haircut
– Sandy visits for…
– book release!! at Whistle Stop with Judy Reeves, Julie Corrales, Sharon Elise & Robt O’Sullivan – such an amazing night!
– karaoke with work team the day before my last day

– narrate Pete Seeger 100th birthday show in Poway
– dinner with Julie
– coffee with Alanna
– Lindsay at Poway library & a Lady Brain event
– featured reading at 2nd Sunday Jihmye Poetry in La Mesa
– Mom in hospital to have her gallbladder removed!
– Sandy comes to take care of Mom while I pack up my stuff
– move to LM
– leave for book tour May 31

– book tour!! LM to El Paso to Austin to New Orleans to Nashville to Ridgway PA to Worcester MA to Cooperstown NY to Syracuse to Rochester to Niagara Falls to Ann Arbor to Des Moines to Laramie to SLC to Las Vegas and back to LM – May 31 – June 23 – INCREDIBLE!!

– earthquakes!
– feature in Escondido and Lady Brain Fest in Encinitas
– feature at Ugly Mug in Orange
– help Mom clean house/garage
– Dead Rock West at Billingsley’s
– beach with Mom
– Mom has a follow-up endoscopy – all is well!
– job search and trail walks

– started job at Cypress College bookstore (ongoing)
– got job doing remote editing (ongoing)
– to SD for Texacali Music Festival
– saw Brendan Constantine at Ugly Mug
– Instagram photo challenge
– job search and trail walks

– interviewed at Kohl’s (no)
– went to Rose Bowl with Mike C (from work) to see SDSU vs UCLA – hot but really fun!
– to SD: Cathryn’s bonfire jam (she’s moving to be with her parents), stay with Becky, breakfast with Lindsay, lunch with Becky, dinner with Heather
– Sandy & T visit! Trail walk w/ Sandy, Serpentine then lunch at El Cholo on day of the Emmys in DTLA w/ Mom, Sandy & T, Dead Rock West at McCabe’s w/ Sandy & T
– interview with City of Commerce library (no)
– meet up with Lindsay in Oceanside
– job search and trail walks

– started hitting (tennis) (ongoing)
– Fullerton Arboretum w/ Mom
– reading in Denver! stay with Daniel W
– saw Daniel McGinn at Ugly Mug
– meet up with Ted (publisher)
– get Known Traveler Number
– to SD: Rock the March benefit show, stay with Mike & Dana, hike Cowles Mtn with Dana
– The Cauldron w/ Mom
– saw Saeed Jones in conversation with Roxane Gay in DTLA for his memoir
– met with financial advisor
– job search and trail walks

– saw Poltz at McCabe’s w/ Mom
– to SD: participated in Lady Brain community gathering then had dinner with Ross, Mike & David then back to LM
– Disneyland for my birthday
– interview with Ingram Micro (no)
– to SD: Spiritual Motels album release, stay with Becky, breakfast with Lindsay, plans to meet with Heather didn’t work out
– 12Sixty for Thanksgiving
– haircut
– job search and trail walks

– Instagram challenge
– join Ekpe’s Book Club
– Sandy visits for…
– to SD for Mom’s birthday and Star of India show – dinner at Ruth’s Chris, stayed at Bayside Hotel across the street from the Star, good show
– holiday potluck with Cypress College workmates
– DMV for Real ID
– with Mike to see SDSU vs Utes at Staples Center
– to Burbank with Mom to see Dad’s sibs
– job search and trail walks

And here we are! I’m going to save the dive into the last 10 years because my Mac keeps giving me weird questions about allowing GBs to be saved. One thing I’ll mention that is hard to put into a month since it happened gradually is that since I returned from my book tour to know, I’ve lost around 30 lbs, which is fantastic. Thanks to trail walks, tennis, and eating a wee bit less!

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  1. Sandy Thompson says:

    You are awesome!

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