the last 10 years

I know I threatened y’all with this post earlier this month. So here it is for those who were waiting (haha).

Please note that these are just points I picked out as I rummaged through this blog, my old journals and calendars, and anywhere else I tried to mark my time. They are not necessarily in chronological order nor do they cover everything. They are listed here without much embellishment but just as facts of my life.

– living with Han & DK in Clairemont (San Diego)
– met Gillian Welch with Han one night, then not long after went to a reading in Tarzana with my dad and she was there with Sara Watkins (of Nickel Creek) – my friend, Mindy, was reading, and I read during the open reading. Gillian listened to me!
– diagnosed with depression
– was promoted at work (to Content Director from Content Manager, I’d have that Director title until I left in 2019)
– Han’s dad died in Washington while we were in Utah for Christmas at Sandy’s. We drove from SLC to Everett WA with an overnight stay in, of all places, Burley ID where I grew up
– traveled to Iowa (for work), Las Vegas (work), Utah, Washington

– Han turned 40
– his band played showcases in Austin at SXSW and at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown (Joshua Tree)
– Dad turned 70 – we celebrated by the immediate family meeting in Las Vegas, we saw the Excalibur show
– got to tour the Disney Animation Studios
– San Francisco Giants win the World Series (I am friends with the 3rd base coach)
– traveled to Austin, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, Chicago (work), Iowa (work)

– lots of live music (mostly Han’s)
– vacation with Han in Cayucos
– Dad got very sick beginning in August
– traveled to Colorado (work), Cayucos, San Francisco (work), Palm Springs (work)

– in January, Dad had surgery and we almost lost him, this surgery resulted in his abdominal colostomy
– Mom bought Lulu
– took photos of Dad for use in the video for “My Name is Sam” by Berkley Hart
– Han to England for music
– had issues with diverticulitis
– friend Matt & Joey got married in a surprise ceremony that Han officiated (he didn’t even tell me that the party was a surprise wedding)
– epic western road trip with Han
– SF Giants with the World Series again
– traveled to San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Berkeley (work), western US

it was either 2012 or 2013 that I started going to see my parents twice a month which was later reduced to once a month when Dad was feeling better

– surprised my sister in Utah for her birthday
– saw Fleetwood Mac
– Han’s musical duo staged “The Last Waltz” at the Poway Performing Arts Center
– had panic attacks
– started (or returned to) therapy
– quit doing booking for Han
– planned Mom’s surprise 70th birthday day of fun (limo ride to the Getty Museum, lunch at Gladstone’s in Malibu, then back home for a house full of her friends to celebrate her
– traveled to Big Bear, Utah

– started volunteering at Helen Woodward Animal Center
– started (or returned to) acupuncture
– started writing dates with Lindsay
– watched The West Wing for the first time (of many)
– got vasculitis
– Han went to England again
– massive bouts of depression and panic attacks
– still in therapy
– SF Giants win World Series again
– traveled to Austin (poetry festival), Atlanta (work)

– started Unraveling
– instituted San Diego Adventure Days
– did a juice cleanse
– still in therapy
– moved to Rolando with Han & DK
– organized Han’s surprise 45th birthday show
– Mom & Dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary
– saw Steve Earle
– went to Spain with Mom and Sandy thanks to Mom & Dad’s generosity
– traveled to Spain, Utah

– flood at our house in Rolando, Han’s work life was upended
– had family painting of my grandmother and her two daughters (my mom & aunt) restored
– saw Feminist as Fuck in DTLA with Mom
– traveled to Utah with Mom & Dad for T’s high school graduation
– ended relationship with Han
– still in therapy
– move downtown
– Trump elected president
– New Orleans with my sister for my 45th birthday
– cousin Sonia and her daughter Nicole visit from Spain
– traveled to Reno (work), Utah, NorCal, New Orleans

– surprised Barbara for her birthday and CD release in Austin
– looked after Widow the cat for a few months
– 10 years at my job
– Jeffrey Joe died
– Cathy Grawin died
– went zip lining for my birthday
– went to Savannah in May with Sandy
– Dad broke his hip
– went to Ann Arbor for 4th of July
– went to Outer Banks with Sandy & Marty and members of his family
– in December, Dad was in bad shape in the hospital, he made his decision, we brought him home and the hospice bubble began
– traveled to Austin (x2), Savannah, Ann Arbor, OBX

– my dad died (January 3)
– went to a creativity workshop in February (Taos, New Mexico)
– met up with Barbara for her UK tour (Scotland)
– spent Thanksgiving with Mom in San Diego
– made future plans
– went to Savannah with Mom & Sandy for Mom’s 75th, got a tattoo of Dad’s handwriting
– spent Christmas in Utah
– traveled to Taos, Scotland, Cambria (w/ Mom), Utah, Fresno (w/ Mom), Disneyland, Savannah

2019 (I think I covered this in one of my last posts)
– my work was part of an art installation called Xquisite Corpse
– my book of poetry was published by Puna Press and we had a great release show that Mom & Sandy came to
– left my job
– moved to LM
– went on a month-long book tour driving from LA to Rochester and back
– started doing trail walks and playing tennis
– started a couple part-time jobs
– saw Sandy a bunch

2 Comments Add yours

  1. josefa wann says:

    Good recap of the last 10 years. Lots of happenings and lots of travel. Here’s to a great next decade!

  2. Sandy Thompson says:

    A lot of things happened in those 10 years! I want to do mine, also. Maybe this weekend.

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