NPM 5 / 30

Prompt taken from (day 2) to write a poem about a specific place. Remember, these are drafts 🙂

The House on Miller Avenue

this house is where I was a kid
across the street from the Lutheran church
where I went to Kindergarten
my teacher also worked in the deli at the Food King
only a few blocks away

the house had a carport, not a garage
my dad built a wall so there was a small room
between the carport and house
it’s where our washer & dryer were
key to the house was on a hook
that attached to the dryer on a magnet
I’d use the key after school while my parents
were at work and my sister was somewhere

in the winter, there was an extension cord
that came from the carport where my dad
plugged in the car so it would start the next morning

honeysuckle grew outside the back screen door
but in the front yard we planted a weeping willow
it was a splendid sight
to the front of the house, my dad added bricks
that went up about halfway

we rarely used the front door
we had to keep a towel or blanket across the bottom of it
to keep cold drafts from getting in

there were three rooms, one bathroom
my parents’ room where a small oval frame
with a picture of me and my sister hung
to cover a hole in the wall that my dad had made
whether it was from an argument with my mom
or from one of his driving nightmares
I don’t remember

the office where my sister taught me how to read
where we played Barbies
where we learned how to use a Commodore 64
where our dogs slept sometimes under the desk

our bedroom, mine and my sister’s
we slept in a king-size waterbed
nearly took up the whole room
where we once got in a fight
I scratched her and drew blood
I was miserable about it
we used to try to scare each other
before we went to sleep
whispering, “shadow at the window”
and burying our heads under the covers

the bathroom where my sister
had to help me when I got my period
one day in 5th or 6th grade

in the large backyard
we had a concrete patio
there was an umbrella clothesline
that I used to pretend I trained horses with
prancing them about in a circle

the Helms were our neighbors on the left,
if you’re facing the house,
they had lilacs growing in their backyard
it was large enough that its branches
hung down over the fence into our yard

that sweet floral scent is still one of my favorites

One Comment Add yours

  1. Ben says:

    Thanks Lizzie. Aren’t weeping willows great!

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