NPM 13 / 30

For Osi

my sister put her dog down today
she knew the day would come
which doesn’t really prepare you
how could it

she and her son were with that sweet ol’ girl
to send her on her way
so now she’s at peace
but there’s an Osi-sized hole in our hearts

she really was the sweetest dog
never barked, loved snow
snored with earnest
enjoyed sitting by the cookie cupboard
hoping for human generosity
never turned down a belly rub
managed her own ailing body with doggie grace
until she couldn’t anymore

it’s the ultimate act of love
to know when to let go
to whisper love into her silky soft ears
make sure her heart was full
knowing she was a good girl

One Comment Add yours

  1. josefa wann says:

    So true everything you said. I do have an Osi-size hole in my heart.

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