NPM 22 / 30

What to Do on Earth Day

wake up and take a drink of water
silently thank whoever and however
you have fresh water to drink
consider those who don’t
feel equally grateful & sad

go outside and take a breath of fresh air
contemplate how the earth is recovering
even as we, its inhabitants, are getting sick
you’ve seen the images of pollution-free cities
as we’ve stopped driving as much
it suddenly seems more important than ever
to understand that millions of people die every year
from exposure to pollution
question how we can keep our air clean
know there are lots of people thinking about this very thing
take another big breath

spend some time in the garden
watch the flitting hummingbirds
industrious bees
seemingly carefree butterflies
as they weave and dart among trees
plants, flowers, and do it all over again
water the garden and inhale the fresh scents
activated by moisture and sunlight

feel sunshine warm your skin
plant your bare feet on hot concrete
turn your face toward it like a plant
see sunbursts behind your eyelids
recognize the miracle

3 Comments Add yours

  1. josefa wann says:

    We did this!

  2. Adam Berchin says:

    Beautiful ❤️

  3. Sandy Thompson says:

    I really like this one.

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