NPM 25 / 30

(prompt from The Isolation Journals – Day 3)

Travel Journal Entry – 4/25/20

I struck out on a daring adventure this morning. After rising early due to the sunrise piercing into my bedchamber, I donned walking shoes and a protective face covering to go out into the “neighborhood.”

Since there were few sidewalks, I stuck close to the side of the road, though thankfully, there were few vehicles. I had no specific route planned, just wanted to walk, get in some fresh morning air before the predicted heat of the day came on too strongly. I found myself at the crossway of a larger thoroughfare and decided to cross and see where my feet would carry me.

Admiring the local flora in each domicile’s front gardens, it was pleasant to be among the locals, though they too were scarce.

At an even larger thoroughfare, I continued east until the terrain changed from concrete sidewalk to dirt trail with hills and dips. A not unpleasing change of pace. At the end of the trail were two tunnels, one with a small creek, the other concrete, but at the other side, I found I needed to cross the creek. I located a narrow point and jumped across, pleased with my agility. Having navigated the first tunnel, I came upon a second. Another with side-by-side paths, this one had water completely through one passage while the other was bone-dry thankfully. Upon emerging, I was immersed in a lovely park, of which the creek ran through the middle. On either side was a path, one was concrete and one was a dirt trail. I took the trail side first which traveled the length of the park to yet another tunnel. However, I was through with tunnels for the day and turned slightly to continue up the sidewalk side of park. While there were others out enjoying the day as I was, I noticed that most also had their faces covered as these times dictate. At the same time, I felt there were more people than I was comfortable being around, so at the proper point, I made my way up a path that led me out of the park back to the thoroughfare and neighborhood.

Making my way back, I was happy for this outdoor time, but looked forward to what awaited me. My first stop was the “dining room,” which had a lovely view toward the front garden. I took my breakfast and read pages from a novel. From there, I retreated to my bedchamber to set it right for the day in case I needed some afternoon winks or to be prepped for when I chose to retire for the evening.

Joining my mother, we then took a tour of the back garden where I even was able to use the local hose to refresh the plants with clear, cool water. I was delighted to see that the first wild strawberry was ripening!

After that jaunt, I wanted to rest a bit. I gathered my book and nestled into a “recliner” located in the main living quarters to while away until it neared the hour for the next meal.

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  1. Sandy Thompson says:

    so Victorian!

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