NPM 27 / 30

When This is Over

give me a crowded bar
with a rockin’ band
hittin’ all the high points
bringin’ the people
to pulse like the heartbeat
of the music promising
happiness, good vibes
like everything is right
in the world
where the beer is cold
as we press forward
closer to each other
to be part of it all
to pretend there’s no
wrong decisions
it’s all for us
it’s all for everyone
where our smiles only stop
to sing along
and there is only love
for each other, and we
only see the best in each other
where every song is perfect
for each moment that passes
or that will come
every note coats our throats
like smooth whiskey
and we’re only sorry that
anyone not there will never know
how amazing it is
how happy we are
to know each other
to thrill in the pleasure
of the music, the musicians,
and the music lovers

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandy Thompson says:

    thumbs up!

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