May your quarantine life be fine

Hi there – just a quick little mid-month check-in.

To kick off the month, I drove to Anaheim for another drug test. No physical for this one, and the drug test was quick. The lab was nice. I liked that I could check in from the car. They texted me when they were ready to see me. I also filled out a background check form and let my 3 references know they’d be contacted. They all promptly responded. I went through orientation with the temp agency on Wednesday. On Friday, I got all the office equipment in the mail. Saturday, I set everything up. I had to move all my personal computer stuff and knick-knacks off my desk to make room for all the gear they sent. I was proud of myself that I was able to set it all up!

Over the weekend, I watched Barbara play a show and got on a Zoom meet and greet with her and a few others. I’ve also watched Jeff a couple times.

I started my new job on Monday, the 11th, and spent the whole week going through online training modules. I had a couple meetings with a couple people, including my friend who hooked me up with the job. I worked 20 hours, and it was fine. It feels a lot like my previous job as far as process so that’s good. I don’t feel like a fish out of water. I think this next week, I’ll start getting assignments and getting into it.

Of course, working now in the morning has thrown off my walking regimen. I did get up and go walking one morning at 6:30 am, and another morning I did a couple workouts before the work day started. I’ll have to start going to bed earlier if I’m going to keep that up. But I did still manage to get my exercise in every day and get close to or actually meet my step goal.

I binge-watched “Dead to Me” on Netflix, plan to start “Never Have I Ever” pretty soon, and I’ve read 4 books so far this month.

My mental health has been pretty steady thus far. I’ve been helping Mom in the garden, and I really like it.

I’ve been to the grocery store once (May 12, 2 weeks since my last trip on 4/28). Since I worked in the morning (my hours are 8am-12pm), I went around 12:30 pm, but I find that Tuesdays, generally, are pretty mellow. All the stores and take out restaurants require a face covering. I’ve got that down. I also wear one when I go for walks. I don’t think it’s required, but I feel better.

Today, I went for a trail walk for the first time since March 21 (that’s 8 weeks, y’all!) I thought I understood that public trails required that people wear face coverings, but I only saw about 20% of people with a mask. But even some that wore them didn’t have it covering their noses. I mean, come on. There were also groups, some families, but some that were obviously just friends out for a walk, no masks. One girl was even vaping as she walked. Yuck. Trail walks are generally more vigorous because there’s more elevation to deal with, and that caused some pretty heavy breathing for me, especially with the mask. But I’m happy I got out there. If I go again on a weekend, I’ll go earlier (went at 8:30 am today), or I might try an evening sometime this week.

The only other news I can think of is that the other overseas trip I was planning on this year (the south of France in September) has now been postponed to May 2021. The CA shelter in place order is still in effect even though some businesses are attempting to reopen (stage 2) though not in LA County yet. It’s fine. Mom & I are managing well enough. I’m happy to have a job now that I can do at home. I haven’t been paid yet, but when I am, I’ll see what that may mean for my healthcare going forward. One thing I’d really like to do is go to a dentist. I know it may sound weird, but I like having my teeth cleaned, and it’s been a year since I’ve had it done. Maybe I’ll call the dentist I selected to see if they’re even open. Maybe.

Until next time.

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  1. Sandy Thompson says:

    Hi! Glad you’re doing well. I miss you!

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