This week

Something changed in the last week. Sports are back. Baseball started a shortened season of 60 games. They don’t have fans in the seats, but they do have bigger than life-size cardboard cutouts in the seats behind home plate and along the baselines. The teams still travel. There was an outbreak on the Marlins’ team so they had to postpone or cancel their series. I don’t know how this thing is going to play out, but the Padres are 4-1 and right now are leading the Giants in the top of the 8th inning. That felt good to say/type in a variety of ways.

Basketball starts tomorrow. They’re doing it differently. They brought 22 teams that were in playoff contention to play all the games in an arena in Florida for their shortened season. Everyone stays together on a campus. Their own little Covid-19 bubble. They won’t have fans either but will have video screens on the courtsides.

One thing I haven’t mentioned in my last posts is something I’ve been doing while we’re at home. I registered for a virtual poetry festival, Heavy Hitters Festival, and it has been worth every penny. And, frankly, it seems like a total deal now that I’m 2 months into it. Every week since the beginning of June for two nights a week, I log in to a Zoom meeting where some of the best known poets of today are reading, answering questions, giving writing prompts, and the world is just poetry. I’ve watched friends, I’ve seen people I’d only heard about, I’ve been blown away by words, and once, I fell asleep (sorry, poet). The prompts have all been exceptional, but I’ve found that although I’m eager to write and I’ve been inspired, it hasn’t come through yet. But I’ve been taking notes so that I can return to these prompts, these thoughts. Plus the sessions are archived through the end of August so I can go back and watch again (there are at least 3 I know off the top of my head that I’d watch again). It has been a welcome respite from the lockdown life and the deep unrest in some major cities.

Another thing I’m looking forward to is Barbara’s virtual CD release show tomorrow night on Facebook. And I’m in the process of learning how to do my own live show on Twitch thanks to the encouragement and tech knowledge of my publisher. Different writers on the press are all signing on to do live shows that will all be about different things. I’ll keep you posted.

Otherwise, Mom and I are doing okay. We take a walk every day around our garden in the afternoon when I finish work, and we walk the dog in the evening. We chat and eat most of our meals together. She’s started going out a little, picks up books at the library, comes with me to get food sometimes or to go to Trader Joe’s. But mostly, we’re just here at home. I walk almost every morning around the neighborhood before work. On weekends, I’ll do a longer hike or I’ll go hit tennis balls. We miss Sandy, T,, and MT. We talk to Sandy by video chat every Monday evening. I’ve had video chats or calls with friends, more than I ever did before(!), and it’s good, but I miss hugging my people.

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  1. Ben McGrath says:

    Hello…..The heavy hitters Festival sounds cool. Hope you get a bunch of good use from it…….Hoping you are able to do some readings live…….Sports is odd. It doesn’t seem real. There’s gonna need to be a big asterisk on the champion of any league this year too……Hoping to catch the CD Release and that work doesn’t get in the way…..Cheers

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