No justice.

The grand jury in the Breonna Taylor investigation came to a decision today. It was, not surprisingly, not satisfying in the realm of giving her some justice. Now all hell is breaking loose in Louisville. Again, not surprised.

As I was writing, a quote came up on Facebook that I want to also put here:

“Justice for Breonna Taylor would actually mean Breonna was alive, with us, perhaps unknown to us in a sea of Black folks in the world….All the Black people living in your city, the Black kids you see in the world?True justice means you won’t ever know they names unless you happen upon the communities that cherish them. That our interactions with their bodies are perhaps a head nod in the fucking street and that’s all.” — Aurielle Marie

Last week, I had my second show on Twitch. It went very well! There were some of the same technical issues, but everyone handled them a bit better, including myself. I also did a quick happy half hour with a couple guys I used to work with to catch up a bit. The reading I was supposed to do on Saturday didn’t happen.

On Monday, I got to see Lindsay live and in person! We even hugged! With our masks on! She was heading back to San Diego from visiting her sister in Fresno. We met up at Starbucks, sat outside, talked for a couple hours with our masks on (except to eat and drink). Stayed the recommended distance away across the table. It was glorious to see her.

Mom, Sandy, & I talked about the potential of visiting each other at some point. Today, Mom told me that she wasn’t ready to take the health risk to drive or fly to Utah. Plus she read something that said people over 60 with health conditions shouldn’t be staying in hotels (which we would have needed to do if we drove). I completely understand and respect her decision. Sandy mentioned that she maybe could come in December for Mom’s birthday. I think that would be great as long as she’s okay with taking the risk (which is lower for her).

I’m looking to do a poetry workshop in October. There are a few to choose from. They’re being put on by the same group that did the virtual poetry festival and the workshops are being put on by some of the people who were featured.

I’ve been reminded by Facebook about all the traveling I’ve done in recent years in September. Five years ago: Spain. Three years ago: Outer Banks, NC. Two years ago: Cambria. *sigh*

Tomorrow I have a full day of digital engagements. A poetry group meeting at 1pm (still undecided if I’ll attend). 4:30 pm: Barbara live on FB. 6:30 pm: Lady Brain workshop. Then on Friday, I’m changing up my hours at work so I can attend a virtual lunch with my team, then I’m scurrying over to the doctor for an appointment about my lower parts and to get blood taken. Mom’s coming with me to get some errands handled that she needs at the doctor, too. Then maybe we’ll grab a to-go late lunch from Black Angus.

The country/world is at a weird point. I honestly don’t see it getting much better any time soon. It’s strange how anxious and depressed I can get about it all, and yet, when I wake up every morning, my personal little world is relatively unaffected, and I’m able to go about my day finding ways to be creative, be happy, be grateful. It’s important to recognize the ways I can affect my own life as well as find ways to be a voice/advocate/ally against the things I think are wrong in the world.

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