September wrap-up

Since I’ve been almost writing every week, it leaves the monthly wrap-up as kind of rehashing of things I’ve already talked about.

But, just for fun, here’s the month in review up til Thursday of last week: I watched Barbara a couple times. I did a poetry feature for Viral Poetry Series and participated in an open reading with the Ugly Mug. I watched Jeff a couple times and Lindsay a couple times. I went to the doctor: got a mammogram, flu shot, and (last week) Pap smear and bloodwork. I joined the group La Mirada for Change. I watched an online reading by Roxane Gay and others to celebrate the publication of selected works by Audre Lorde that she edited. I did my second show of LifeBeat. And I got to see Lindsay in person! The rest is

Now for what’s happened in the last week. Thursday, I watched Barbara do a livestream on Facebook, and I attended a virtual workshop with Lady Brain about vulnerability and using it for creativity. On Friday, I went to the doctor for my girl parts and to get bloodwork. My doctor was pleased with my weight loss over the last year. She said I was doing it healthily, and she told me to keep it up. My bloodwork came back, and everything was good, except for my potassium which is low. I take a potassium supplement, but it has consistently been low. They want me to go back to test it again. I guess I need to start looking into potassium-rich foods (no bananas!) On Sunday, I watched Berkley Hart do a livestream on Facebook.

Tuesday, I attended a new thing called the Hope Desk. It’s a free talk by my friend, Kimberly Dark, who is a sociologist and writer. She talks about some of the topics that are very current right now. The week before she talked about school funding inequalities and “white flight.” This week her topics were the gender pay gap and resume bias. They’re interesting topics, and she explains things in very easy-to-understand ways. She provides links and sometimes has a couple slides to go along with what she talks about. If you’re interested in attending, just visit and sign up to receive the Zoom link.

After that, Lindsay was doing a livestream on Facebook, her last one for the year. She’s getting off social media until 2021 so she wanted to get in one last livestream. She performed nearly all of her songs from A-Z. It took her about 4 1/2 hours. I had it on while I did other stuff, including watch the first presidential debate. What was interesting was that I kept her sound on along with the sound of the debate, and I still got the gist of the debate, haha. Almost the entire debate was the president, Joe Biden, and the moderator Chris Wallace talking over each other, so the voice of Lindsay didn’t deter from the chaos.

I also wrote a new poem yesterday for the vulnerability project mentioned above. You can read it at Then, today, I wrote another new poem! I’m going to read it tomorrow night at the Game on Facebook. After that, I’ll probably post it here. I did sign up for a poetry workshop, but PayPal said they had to verify my payment or something, so I don’t know what’s going on there. If it happens, it will start on Oct 8.

Also, MLB playoffs are underway. The San Diego Padres are in the post-season for the first time in 14 years (maybe it’s 16), which seems crazy. They lost game 1 today against St. Louis. Also, the NBA finals started, it’s the Lakers against the Miami Heat. The Stanley Cup finals are also happening but I couldn’t tell you who’s in it. I think Dallas? The French Open is happening. Serena pulled out with an achilles injury which sucks. Will we see her in Australia? Will she ever get to the elusive #24?

Coming up in October besides what I said above, I’m attending a reading online with one of my favorite authors, Louise Erdrich, along with Ann Patchett. That should be super cool. I’m going to take part in an online book club. I’ll get to see one of my poetry heroes, Patricia Smith, read online as a feature at my closest to a hometown reading I have now, the Ugly Mug. And of course, the next episode of LifeBeat will happen on Oct 15. Mom and I have talked about going to one of the various gardens around here, maybe the Huntington Library or a place called Roger’s Garden, but no definite plans have been made. This week it’s been super hot again, in the 100s, which has made us not want to leave the house too much.

Here’s to cooler weather to come and hope for new leadership. Until next week!

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