Well, of course I didn’t complete NaBloPoMo (crying emoji face!) But let’s recap October and November while we’re here now.

well, of course there was work, which is going well
I watched episodes of a friend’s newest project that happened on Tuesdays in October. It’s a series called the Hope Desk and it’s a free hour’s worth of her (Kimberly Dark) talking about social equality issues (Black wealth suppression, gender pay gap, micro-aggressions, etc). In fact, in late October she asked me to help get the word out by writing an article for which she already had a publisher. Of course I said I would (spoiler alert: I haven’t yet) so that’s on the list for this week.
I also got more involved with my group La Mirada for Change and attended City Council meetings. The group I referenced in a previous post blocked me from the group, although I had reached out to them in good faith to share what LMfC is about. That happened in November, but it’s fine. Better for my mental health honestly.
I watched Jeff play a few times which was fun.
I met up with my friend, Michelle, who I’ve known since 8th grade, in Seal Beach. Her son had a volleyball tournament up there, and with Covid, she couldn’t go in, so we met up and walked on the pier and caught up on our lives. It’s nice to have a friend who’s known you so long and that you still want to talk to!
I started my poetry workshop called Moon School. The first two weeks were the last two Sundays in October, as the moon was waxing, and was meant to be a generative workshop. Much like the article, I haven’t written anything (yet).
In sports news, the LA Lakers won the NBA championship and the LA Dodgers won the World Series. Too bad I don’t root for these teams!
I did my show, LifeBeat, and it was a great one. My guests were Sharon Elise, Mindy Stallings, and Miki Vale. It was a really good discussion.
I also got to hear some writers I really admire. I watched a live video of Louise Erdrich and Ann Patchett which was not as great as I had hoped it would be. But I got a couple book recommendations out of it so that’s good. The other thing was when Patricia Smith featured at my “home” reading at the Ugly Mug. She’s in Massachusetts, I think, but it was wonderful to hear her read and for her to listen to us during the open mike.
Finally, it was one of my aunt’s birthdays in October, and I called and talked to her for a bit. Her sister, my other aunt, has Alzheimer’s/dementia, and their brother is her primary caregiver. He’s 77 years old, and it’s only going to get harder for him. He calls my mom every week and the week before he had shared some of the changes they’re going through, and we were surprised. I didn’t think my aunt knew it had gotten to that point so I wanted her to know. She was glad I told her, and she was going to call him over the weekend. They were also planning to visit for Thanksgiving which would be good.

You know most of this month from my more frequent posts over the course of it, but here are some things that may have been missed.
I finished up the Moon School poetry course. The last two installments were the first two Sundays of the month, while the moon was waning, so that meant it was time to edit. I enjoyed the course, even if I haven’t produced anything from it. It was nice to be in the company of poets who are all just trying to better their craft.
I met with Lindsay on a Sunday morning over Zoom to talk about a book we’d read. We were the only two in the meeting, but we did actually discuss the book, and it was great.
My birthday was delightful. I got coffee and a croissant in the morning, I lounged, read, and just took it easy. I had my show that night with guests Cathryn Beeks, KishaLynn Moore Elliott, and Jules Stewart which was another good time. Then Mom cooked my requested meal of stuffed breaded pork, aioli and asparagus. We had a chocolate cream pie and Bailey’s too. Yum.
I kept up my activism with La Mirada for Change. It prompted a pretty heavy discussion with my mom that eventually we were able to come to an agreement about.
I met up with Lindsay in San Clemente again for a nice walk and talk. It was a truly gorgeous day. When I got home, I got to watch Barbara play some songs.
Mom & I bought a new refrigerator for our Christmas gift. The other one we had was old, and the new one is practically the same kind, but it closes better and seems to make just a bit less noise.
My tire pressure light came on, and though I tried to put air in myself, I ended up just going to the dealer where they just did it for free.
For Thanksgiving, Mom & I had Mexican food, and it was quite yummy. I had Thursday and Friday off which was a really nice break. Yes, even part-timers like me enjoy holiday time off!
After Thanksgiving, I bought a ticket to watch a live show from the BellyUp in San Diego. It was Back to the Garden with special guests Berkley Hart and others. They really did a nice job with it, production-wise, and of course, the music (theme was the music of Laurel Canyon) was spectacular.
I’ve still been exercising, but my food intake since Thanksgiving has been pretty all over the place. It’s fine. I’ll get back on track. I’ve been able to maintain my weight which is great, and I’ll take it.

So now it’s December! Covid-19 is still a major problem, and in fact, LA County issued safer-at-home orders again from Nov 30-Dec 20. The CDC asked people not to travel for Thanksgiving, but still MANY people did anyway. Hospitals are getting crowded again. The only thing is now they’re more prepared than they were back in March/April, but the numbers just keep going up from positive cases to deaths.

There’s a new batch of #decemberreflections for 2020, and I posted this two-part image on Insta and FB tonight for today’s word: star.

I wrote that poem in 2014 and read it on the Star of India before a Tim Flannery show. He’s been very sick these past few weeks fighting a pretty nasty staph infection. Obviously there’s no Star show this year. I wish him good health and lots of love. Steve Poltz’s dad, Joe, died over the weekend. He was 90. I cried as I read Steve’s account of his death on FB. Then tonight I learned that a friend of mine who used to be on my team at my former job lost his wife very suddenly to cancer over the weekend. Neither of these deaths were Covid-related, and I don’t know if that makes it better or not, but it’s tragic nonetheless. Plus, as December dawns, I can’t help but think of that December, three years ago now, when my dad began his journey out of this realm.

My sister posted about how she was feeling the Christmas spirit with music and decorations and writing cards. It was giving her great comfort in what has been a truly weird year. I’m glad of that for her. I’m not there yet, but I hope to get some as the days go on.

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  1. Ben McGrath says:

    Thanks Lizzie. Always a good read. Cheers

  2. Sandy says:

    Love you!!

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