National Poetry Month – Day 26

It occurred to me today that April has been, for me, a month of great changes. It’s been five years since I ended my relationship (!), and then today, looking at the FB memories, these came up, and I thought it might be an okay list poem. (OTD = on this day)


11 years ago: 
found a large measure of happiness from driving with both windows down and blasting Cracker

9 years ago: Lovebirds CD release show at Lestat’s

8 years ago: periodontal surgery

6 years ago: a poem about chores and balance

5 years ago: a photo to document a misplaced apostrophe on an advertisement

2 years ago: 
last day at my corporate job of 12+ years & a promo for a poetry reading the next day

eastern overcast sky, billowy clouds floating in western blue firmament,
trees bending in the wind
morning of work
afternoon of tennis
evening of rest

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