National Poetry Month – Day 28

Only two more days! I’ll be honest, but you probably already know, this month was not too conducive for me to write something new every day. Last year, in the first weeks of the pandemic, no job, and only time to think about this terrible disease led to some writing (and even some keepers). I have written two or three this month that I will read out in the future, but generally, taking on a new poem, especially from a prompt, seemed very daunting to me.

Here are some lines I may play with for something more substantial later. In other words, these are scraps 🙂

even with a partner
love means nothing in tennis

dying is easy
it’s living that
scares me to death (from Annie Lennox)

ghost land

the whites of my hair like the waves’ crest

even in a lie a bar of truth is known

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