Just a quickie

The World Series ended tonight and Atlanta beat Houston in six games. I was rooting for Atlanta so I’m glad they won. At the same time, I think it’s beyond time that they change their team name and all the other problematic imagery, chants etc that are attached to them.

Other teams have changed (Cleveland baseball) or are in the process of changing (Washington football). There are other teams that still have indigenous-related names & mascots, and they all should ditch them and come up with new ones.

To honor this ending of baseball ‘til next year, I posted this old poem on FB, which I’ve done for the last few years. (Sorry about the formatting, posting from my phone!) Until tomorrow!

Last Night of Baseball in America

World Series

it’s darker than usual

fall back

no baseball in winter

these are boys of summer

who hang ‘em up

in the dying light of fall

leaves changing, snow already in some towns

candy in bowls by the door

it doesn’t matter which teams

(unless it’s your team)

it’s the game

some say baseball on TV is boring

but if you watch

there is strategy with every pitch

any batter can fan

and a double play can shut down a rally

quicker than a fastball over the outside corner

somewhere tonight a city will celebrate

someone tonight will cry for victory

and another for loss

there are heroes and history

but there is no more baseball tonight in America

lights out ‘til April

– from Baseball Poems by Lizzie Wann

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