LifeBeat follow-ups

As you may recall, back in August 2020, I started doing a live show on Twitch through Puna Press Live. Puna Press is the publisher of my book of poetry. I did a live show every month, then I spread it out in the beginning of 2021. I know I didn’t want to do a live show again, but I thought it would be fun and interesting to do follow-ups of all the people I’d had on my show. So far, I’ve published two of the follow-ups from the first show.

Check them out: Lindsay White and Alanna Airitam.

There was a third guest, Skyler, on the first episode, but I have been unsuccessful in reaching her. If she responds, I’ll definitely post her Q&A, but I’ve already sent the interview questions to the next three guests. My plan right now is to post one follow-up just about every week, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve made a spreadsheet to help me keep track 🙂

In other news, I got my potassium test results back. I went on Monday to have my blood drawn to compare it to the labs I had done a couple weeks ago. Good news is, my number went up! Bad news is, it’s still below the ‘normal’ range. I haven’t heard from my doctor, so I guess I’ll do my best to be more aware of eating foods with high potassium levels.

That’s about all from my neck of the woods. Until tomorrow!

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