50 & a River

Today I turned 50 years old (!) It’s been a pretty great day starting with the news that one of my besties, Lindsay, gave birth to her child, River, just after midnight! Huzzah!

Lindsay & baby River

I went for a 4.5 mile hike at a trail I hadn’t been to since before COVID. It was foggy and magical. Really wonderful.

Powder Canyon trail

I got some breakfast and came home. Mom gave me a cute Mokey Fraggle t-shirt and pin. I returned messages on social media and watched the last episode of “The Morning Show.” I got a delivery of beautiful flowers from my aunt Mia. Opened my 2022 planner, the traditional gift from my sister. Took a shower. More messages returned. Talked to my sister, Sandy. ❤️

Mom and I went to dinner at the Summit House in Fullerton, which is known as the “celebration place.” And they’re right. Everyone in our little room of the restaurant was having a birthday. The food was excellent. I started with lobster bisque, and Mom had the house salad; both were delicious. For the entree, I had the filet mignon that came with au gratin potatoes and shoestring fried onions. Mom had a John Dore fish with mashed potatoes and sea beans. They were both incredibly yummy. For dessert, the restaurant provided a free strawberry shortcake, and we also ordered the dessert sampler. We ate the shortcake and the creme brulee and brought home the cheesecake, profiterole, and chocolate tart. Really really good!

Now we’re going to watch a movie, and call it a day. A good one!

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