Sunday Funday

Today was packed with fun things!

First, Sandy & I went on a light trail hike.

On the trail

Then we went to Polly’s Pies and bought what turned out be rather disappointing cinnamon rolls. After breakfast, we headed to Target 🎯 so she could buy another gift for me: a coffee maker. Since we got back from Costa Rica, she has been indulging in her new-found adoration of brewed coffee and wanted me to enjoy it as well. We picked out a simple 5-cup pot, and added filters, ground coffee, and creamer. We’ll try it out tomorrow.

Then it was time for the movie theater. We went to see “King Richard” about the childhood of Venus and Serena Williams and how their dad, Richard Williams, had a plan for them to become the best tennis players in the world. It was really quite remarkable and very touching. We loved it.

We came home and collected Mom, then headed down to Seal Beach to catch the sunset!

After that, we went to El Ranchito for dinner, then to the Funnel House for dessert (churros).

It was a fun-filled day, and now I’m quite tired. What a wonderful birthday weekend!

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