Day of thanks

I slept in. I thought I might go for a hike this morning, but after I got up and around, I thought that maybe I should actually have a holiday without any to-dos or should dos. So I went to Starbucks, came home, read my book outside and enjoyed the morning. Then I went in and watched Tick Tick Boom, a new movie musical on Netflix directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and starring Andrew Garfield. It’s one of Jonathan Larson’s works, a sort-of one-man show that is semi-autobiographical, that came before his hit Rent. I liked it. I was compelled by it. Garfield is amazing in it as Larson.

After that, I played on my phone a little bit, went outside to the garden for a bit. Around 2 pm, Mom and I had our tapas. We’d purchased this tapas sampler from World Market and have been saving it for today. It was actually pretty good!

Then I watched Red Notice, also on Netflix. It was a lighthearted action movie with Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. I liked it. They left it open at the end for another installment. Then it was time for the main event: paella.

Mom and I worked together; she did the meat (chicken and pork) and I chopped the veggies (green pepper, garlic, onion, and tomato). I got her to add a little wine and we both were unsure about the recipe’s call for it to go in the oven, but we did it, and it worked out just fine. It was very good!


We enjoyed it with a bottle of cava and then had a slice each of (store-bought) pecan pie. Very good indeed.

I thought i would watch another movie, but I couldn’t decide what to watch so I figured I’d go to bed.

Hope you all spent the day the way you wanted!

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  1. josefa wann says:

    It was a very nice and quiet Thanksgiving with good food and good company (Lizzie and Lulu :))

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