College applications

I have no real recollection of my college applications. I’m pretty sure I had to write an essay, and I might even have it somewhere in a file folder. But what these applicants need to do now is remarkable. There are activity lists and short answer essays and student statements and academic statements. And so many of these students are so very accomplished that it’s very humbling.

All that to say that I spent the majority of my day editing, which was fine. I did take some time and go on a hike which was lovely. It was a beautiful fall day. I have really enjoyed these holiday days, even though I’ve worked, it’s exactly the kind of work I like to do so I don’t mind doing it at all. Plus I’ll get paid, which is also great.

Of course that also means that the other stuff I wanted to do didn’t get done, so it’s getting pushed to tomorrow which is looking very full. We’ll see how I manage it.

December looks like it will be pretty busy so I’ll need to be sure to be mindful of my sleep, exercise, and mental capacity.

Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow!

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