Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie review

Warning: this post contains major spoilers for Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

I was unsure about seeing this one because I’d heard some things about it like it was more fan fiction than any kind of real story. But then a friend who I trust about this kind of thing said he was excited to see it, so I saw it today. I’m thinking I could have waited for it to get to streaming.

Remember that I like details in my movies, plots, etc. Yes, I’ll always want to know if Lardass paid to get in the pie-eating contest. So the basics of the backstory are needed for me. Who was Callie’s mother? Where were they living when they were evicted? Did she work? Why was she so broke? Then there were just other little things: the kids seemingly very aware of how to handle the packs, the car. How did the Ecto 1 suddenly have a gunner seat and a remote control trap? And how far away was Shandor mine because it looked pretty far, but then they were suddenly in town? And there were several scenes where I was like where are all the adults in this town right now? It was bizarre. Then there’s the fact that Jeanine obviously was in touch with Egon so why hadn’t she called Ray and the others when he died? And if we’re to believe that Egon was at the point of trapping everything when the movie opens, where were all of them? When Phoebe calls Ray, he just happens to catch us all up on what happened in the 35 years since the first movie even though he has no idea he’s talking to a 12-year-old girl.

And really, they just recycled the story from the original film with the exception of Shandor, that was a weird addition. Slimer’s there although he’s called Muncher now. Gozer’s still around somehow and there’s the gatekeeper and the key master dogs. Plus there are baby Stay-Puft guys. The 3 living orig GB’s happen to show up at the climax to provide some witty banter, and help save the day, but then there’s the ghost of Spengler helping Phoebe then hugging Callie. Yes, touching, but also a little creepy. I mean, Harold Ramis is actually dead so how they did that was tripping me the fuck out. And then, like, what happens to Callie, Phoebe, and Trevor? We don’t see them again. And in the post-credits scene with Winston bringing the Ecto back to NYC to the firehouse was yes, nice, except for the fact that Ray had said that it had been turned into a Starbucks. Bad continuity. And of course, they leave it open to another sequel.

Some good points: Paul Rudd. I would have liked more of his character geeking out on the stuff out at the house. That really would have felt more cohesive. I liked the characters of Phoebe and Trevor and Podcast (but seriously, he could have had a name). Trevor’s friend was cool and could have been fleshed out a bit more. I mean she’s 4th generation from the area, she should have known more.

So, yes, it was fine, but it could have been much better.

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  1. Sandy says:

    This whole review made me laugh out loud and decide to skip this movie.

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