August was… (August break prompts #s 19-31)

It’s the last day of August, so now you get little snapshots of the last couple weeks or so of the month. My hands (#19) On the 19th of August, I played tennis with Dante. We still try to play once a week. It’s a fun time and I like getting out on the court….

August Break #s 10-18 in reverse order

Five years ago (#18) I just posted a photo to IG of a plane coming in to land in San Diego. I was walking around downtown San Diego as I did nearly every weekend. It’s funny because I didn’t consider myself a “walker” or “hiker” then. Hell, I don’t think I even wore a sports…

August Break #8 (my favorite taste) and #9 (red) – or family tributes

My Favorite Taste It didn’t take me too long to realize what my favorite taste(s) are. Whenever my mama cooks her typical Spanish food, which is food that is not readily available in restaurants here, those are my favorites. They are things like a simple potato omelette or the more labor-intensive cannelones. There’s also croquetas,…

August Break #3 (handwriting) and #4 (sweetness)

Handwriting The photo I posted on Instagram was of a postcard that Avi, my grandfather (Mom’s dad) sent to me and Sandy in 1976. He had very elegant handwriting. He dotted his i’s with open circles. My mother is constantly befuddled by how small my handwriting is. It is small, and, admittedly, hard to read….

August Break #1: morning light

My bedroom window faces east. That means if I forget to close my blinds at night, the early morning sunshine streams brilliantly into my room. The head of my bed is right under the window. In the summer, I keep the windows open a bit so I can catch the cool night and dawn air,…