August Break #3 (handwriting) and #4 (sweetness)


The photo I posted on Instagram was of a postcard that Avi, my grandfather (Mom’s dad) sent to me and Sandy in 1976. He had very elegant handwriting. He dotted his i’s with open circles.

My mother is constantly befuddled by how small my handwriting is. It is small, and, admittedly, hard to read. Even I sometimes can’t decipher my own scrawl.

Mom also writes small, but it is more legible. Her letters are bigger and easier to read.

My sister’s handwriting is lovely.

Dad had unique handwriting. He wrote in cursive using the letters he learned in school. I have a box full of letters he wrote to his parents when he was in the Army. I also have a handful of letters and cards that he sent to me over the years. Later in life, he took to using his computer to type the letters, print, and mail them. I got a tattoo of the name he called me in his handwriting. It’s on the inside of my right wrist. I remember seeing the tattoo artist’s stencil of it on my wrist and thinking it would turn out looking terrible. I almost didn’t go through with it. I think the tattoo artist was a little irritated with me when she told me that it wouldn’t look like the stencil. She was right. It looks just like Dad’s handwriting. There’s a poem in there somewhere.


Mom posted about some cookies we bought today. Sandy posted a photo of her dogs. I had had both those ideas. So, instead, I posted a dessert I’d eaten in Edinburgh, Scotland back in 2018. I didn’t exactly recall the name, but a quick Google search revealed that it is called cranachan, which is a layered dessert made with whipped cream, oats, and raspberries.

Here’s what I said on this very blog on that day (for some reason, I can’t copy the link to the post):

…my mind on a specific place to stop for dinner nearby, The Conan Doyle aka Nicholson’s. I got a cute table by the window and ordered fish ‘n’ chips. They were pretty darn near perfect. Also, a thing here is mushy peas. I gave them a try, but I don’t have a taste for them yet. For dessert, I had a ‘typical Scottish dessert’ called cranachan made of whipped cream, honey, raspberries, oats, and a touch of whisky. I like all those things! Together they were quite delicious.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Love reading your reflections!

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