August Break #5 (midday), #6 (I’m reading), and #7 (beneath my feet)


Some of these prompts are hard not just for photography but for writing.

I figured that midday for me is roughly 2:30 pm, assuming I get up at 6am and go to bed at 11pm. That’s true on average I guess. I chose an artsy shot looking up through our pergola in the backyard with the sun shining between the slats. I mean how else would you ‘define’ midday in a photo.

I’m Reading

This one was easy. I’m always reading something. I love that both my mom and sister are readers, though our preferences differ a bit. Right now I’m reading a book I’ve had for a while, The Night Watchmen by Louise Erdrich. I bought it in an airport a couple years ago now. Erdrich is one of my favorite writers so I’m excited to dig in to this one. I have another book of hers still in my to be read pile.

I’m also reading The Little Book of Tibetan Rites and Rituals by Judy Tsuei, who I happen to know 🙂 As I wrote on my Instagram post, I’ve found that I like reading a book of essays, short stories, or a non-fiction book at the same time as a novel. It is nice to have the option depending on how I feel.

Beneath my feet

I didn’t post a photo for this one today. I could have done one of me in the garden this morning when I was pulling up a bunch of mint that is way past its prime. Or maybe of one now with my feet up on a recliner. I had planned to take one with the local pool in the background this afternoon. But when I went, there was a sign out front that said recreational swim was closed today. And today is the last day they’re open! I had just wanted to hang out at the pool, read, then go for a dip when it was hot. I’ve never done that here since I moved, I’ve only done a couple sessions of lap swim which isn’t as fun. Boo. I’ll have to check their hours and see if there are any weekends that they’ll be open. It’s weird, because August and September are typically hotter than the traditional summer months of June and July.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Now I want to go to a pool.

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