August Break #8 (my favorite taste) and #9 (red) – or family tributes

My Favorite Taste

It didn’t take me too long to realize what my favorite taste(s) are. Whenever my mama cooks her typical Spanish food, which is food that is not readily available in restaurants here, those are my favorites. They are things like a simple potato omelette or the more labor-intensive cannelones. There’s also croquetas, patatas bravas, breaded pork, and soup with little bits of meat and chicken and garbanzo beans. Yum! Oh, yeah, she also makes garlic aioli that is f’in delicious. She always says it’s not as good as her mom, but I think it’s always amazing.


I had taken a photo of my red car with me in front wearing a red shirt. It looked weird, so I was trying to think of what else I could do to represent “red” when it hit me! My sister! She’s a redhead and named her blog “Red Red Hot Head” though I’ve never referred to her as “Red.” She recently got Covid-19 so I’ve been pretty worried about her. Thankfully, she’s on the other side of it now though she’s still pretty tired.

She and her son came to visit us toward the end of July. She got Covid after she got back home, but while they were here, we had a good time. She went on walks with me, and we played on the beach, walked around Huntington Beach, did a little shopping in Long Beach, and had a nice stroll and lunch in Seal Beach. Plus we went to a movie and drank coffee and hung out, and it was just awesome. It’s always great to be around her. We often comment that we can just be silently reading or playing on our phones and be perfectly content. We just enjoy each other’s company and how cool is that?

We talk on the phone every week and that’s always good. We usually end up chatting for about 45 minutes about all kinds of stuff. Our chat tonight included her telling me that we leave for our big trip to Greece in only 70 days! That will be so much fun!

I hope whoever’s reading this takes a moment to call their siblings or parents next chance you get!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Josefa says:

    I’m happy you like my cooking! , but yes, is not as good as my mothers 🙂

  2. Sandy says:

    I also love Spanish food and you.

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