August was… (August break prompts #s 19-31)

It’s the last day of August, so now you get little snapshots of the last couple weeks or so of the month.

My hands (#19)

On the 19th of August, I played tennis with Dante. We still try to play once a week. It’s a fun time and I like getting out on the court. For this prompt, I did a timed selfie with my hands clasped over my face. It was a weird one.

Clouds (#20)

Saturday, 8/20, was the third Saturday of the month which means it’s time for the monthly trail clean-up of the Nora Kuttner trail in Fullerton with Friends of Coyote Hills. I joined this group last September, I think, and it’s a great way to get in a hike while also doing something to help and give back. It was an overcast day so the clouds were a little underwhelming, but the hike was good.

Today is… (#21)

Sunday found me driving down to San Diego for work for a couple days. Thankfully, they sprung for lodging and I was able to get in a quick dip in the pool that evening. But the real highlight was getting to go to the Casbah to hear my pal Lindsay White and her band play a set. Oh, man, how I missed live music! It was very soul-filling to soak up the vibe, the music, and of course, to get real live hugs from some of my friends.

Squares (#22)

I went to the office, for only the 2nd time since I’ve been employed by the company (first time was earlier this month). We had an “all hands” meeting for the marketing team with a lot of presentations on what we’ve done as well as what we want to accomplish in the last months of the year. Some folks got together for happy hour after, but I needed some alone time. I took myself out to a nice dinner and read. It was just what I needed. For the prompt, I took it in a different direction and posted a photo of Whitefield Square in Savannah GA where Sandy & I visited five years ago now. Wow!

My face (#23)

This photo prompt was nice and easy. But what I did on this day was really surprisingly fun. For our marketing outing, we went axe throwing! There are several places in San Diego that are set up for this, but we went to Battle Axe San Diego, and I had a great time! I even landed some axes in the target, which is harder than it seems. Part of the redness of the day was that I was able to hang with my buddy David, who I also worked with at my last job. We had a sweet spot in the building near the roll-up doors and were able to throw axes without drama from the other 40 or so people around (all co-workers). The lunch after the event was not as great as we were stuffed into a tiny space that got loud and the food was just meh. After that though I rolled by Extraordinary Desserts and headed north. Mom and I ate our cake slices happily and I was very glad to be home.

Three (#24)

I posted a photo of the three little FunkoPop characters I own (Tina from Bob’s Burgers, Joey from Friends, and Mokey from Fraggle Rock). Yes, it’s an eclectic trio. That night I went to my last Zumba Step class. It was fun, and I might do it again, maybe in the winter session.

Peaceful (#25)

While I feel like I’m pretty peaceful most times, I wanted a photo that really reflected it and so I thought back to my Costa Rica vacation. We did a lot of stuff, but I also felt very happy and peaceful there. I posted a shot of the flips flops I’d bought there on the beach.

Oranges (#26)

Surprisingly, our orange tree still has ripe oranges on it. I haven’t been as diligent about squeezing fresh juice for us, but when I do, it’s so very good! I don’t remember having oranges this late in the year last year, but maybe I had squeezed all that I could by this time last year!

Little (#27)

We’re back to Saturday which means a hike. Weekends are for hiking because it’s too hot during the week to go after work. And by the time it’s evening, I mostly don’t want to go, lol. Anyway, the trails where I hike are familiar but can still be challenging. The authorized trail butts up to some open land that is owned by Chevron because they used to drill in the hills. The Friends of Coyote Hills group works with and advocates for the city to buy the land from Chevron. The city has purchased the east side and it’s being groomed for official trails which will be awesome. Many folks who hike and bike in the area know of various ways into the non-maintained land but slowly, each of those openings is being closed. But on Saturday, I found one spot and went in on the west side. I knew what I wanted to photograph but didn’t think I’d be able to, but then there it was, a baby lizard! And it very graciously stayed still long enough for me to snap a few shots.

I am (#28)

Sunday was a day for errands and marking off some things on the to-do list. I went grocery shopping and worked on bills and got myself prepped for the next week. I still keep a planner, but I am nowhere near as diligent as I used to be with it. Anyway, I was thinking about what kind of grand “I am” statement I could make and what visual I could offer to accompany it. Finally, I landed on “…in a good place” because it’s really true in both a physical sense as well as an emotional sense (most of the time anyway). I used a photo of a sunset I took last month when Sandy & T were here and we went to Huntington Beach.

Favorite mug (#29)

I have a few mugs now that I’m regularly making coffee for myself in the mornings (thanks, Sandy). The one I took a photo of says, “Drink coffee and do good.” That’s a good motto.

The big thing for me on this particular day was that it was the start of the U.S. Open tennis championships and Serena Williams had made it clear that it would be her last tournament. So all eyes were on her in her first round match. Mind you, she had lost in the first round of Wimbledon and hadn’t done very well in the lead-up tournaments to the U.S. Open so no one was really sure how she’d do. Well, she won the match, and there was all kinds of fanfare and hoopla. In these grand slams, they always talk to the winner, but because I’m me, I wondered, what if she had lost? Would they have talked to the winner and then played the video and said goodbye to Serena. No scenario seems fair but also no scenario seems like enough to bid her farewell.

Evening light (#30)

Again, a nice easy prompt. Took a photo from the porch as the sun was going down. It was fine. The news of this day was that I started a new fitness class through the city and it’s Aqua Zumba. It was fun, can be challenging (depending on how much you want it to be), and I mean, just being in the pool felt good, so that’ll be fun to do into November.

August was… (#31)

Which brings us to tonight and to the end of the month and this blog post. Serena played again tonight and won again (beating the #2 player in the world)! There was a stat I saw that she has never lost a match in rounds 1 and 2 at this tournament. She’s 42-0. That is just another example of what makes up her amazingly stellar tenure over the last 27 years. What stuns me the most I think is the longevity. Yes, there have been some other champions, but none that have truly become known as legends. No other woman in tennis has done what she’s done, and right now, no other man has either (23 grand slam titles). Watching her has been a privilege. Tomorrow night, she and sister Venus compete in doubles and then Friday she’ll play her 3rd round singles match.

When I was in San Diego and went out to dinner, there were murals on some of the buildings and I snapped the one that accompanies this post. It says, “I think you’re neat” and has a whiskey bottle and glass next to it. Clever. I like clever.

Until next time!

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