Productive day & A Few Good Men

So my sister, Sandy, tends to adopt things to bring home after vacations. Not a pet or anything like that, but a habit or a new thing to her that she enjoyed from her trip. From Costa Rica, she developed her coffee drinking. And in talking with her about what she might bring back from Greece, she talked about having Greek yogurt for breakfast. Because I tend to emulate her in many things, I also started brewing my own coffee after CR, and well, this morning, I had this:

Greek yogurt with honey & walnuts

It was quite good and I’ll have it again. Probably not every day, but it’s good to throw in the rotation.

We got back on Monday. Tuesday, I had taken the day off to recover from jet lag. Sandy flew back to SLC that afternoon and went to see Post Malone that night. I don’t understand how she managed it. Wednesday I still was taking things easy, so today, there were some things I had to get going on.

First thing was registering for jury duty which will start at the end of the month. These days, you can fill out the information online and watch a video for orientation. Then, before your first scheduled day, you have to call or check the website to see if you’ll be needed on-site. You do that for five days unless you’re told to come in. After that, you’re done. So that’s done (check!) and ready for me to call in anytime between the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Monday.

Next was renewing my insurance for next year. Since I’m part-time, my job doesn’t offer me insurance so I use Covered California which is fantastic. I filled out my application and picked my plans for 2023. Check.

Then I needed to fill out my ballot. Election Day is Tuesday, but my mom and I usually drop our ballots off at a vote center before the day itself. We both worked on them today so we can drop them off tomorrow. There were a lot of little circles to fill in! Check!

Make sure you vote!

Finally, I started working on my finances and wrapping up some stuff from the trip. Since our flight was delayed nearly five hours from LA, our travel agent said we can get some money back and there are forms to fill out and stuff. Plus I used my credit card over there a few times to pay for transfers and baggage fees so I need to make sure they’re all accounted for. I didn’t finish that yet but will get that all taken care of this weekend.

Then it was time to go to the theatre. I have season tickets for the productions put on at the regional theater here that presents Broadway style shows. I started going last year and really enjoyed all the shows (with one lesser exception). The 22-23 season started in September (Young Frankenstein, the musical, which was better as a movie), and tonight was the 2nd show of the season, A Few Good Men.

Program for A Few Good Men with stage in background

I’m always impressed with the high caliber of the actors, the sets, and the whole production. I’m a fan of the movie and of much of Aaron Sorkin’s work from that era (West Wing forever!) so I was really excited for this show. It was really good, and I loved the way they interspersed pieces of narrative between the action so that the audience could follow the story. It was clear that many people weren’t familiar with the story based on their reactions to some of the scenes. I was also tickled to learn that the actor who played Colonel Jessup had been on The West Wing for a couple episodes. I can’t wait to share with my fellow fans on a couple FB groups I’m in (dork alert!)

And now it’s almost midnight so I’ll sign off to get in this post for NaBloPoMo!


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  1. Sandy says:

    You accomplished a lot on Thursday! I’m glad you liked the play, too.

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