Friday – 2/9

The weather has improved so it’s been sunny but cool. I went back to Aqua Zumba last night. I had missed it for two weeks while I was in Greece. Then the week I got back, class was cancelled due to a COVID exposure. And then on Tuesday, it was pouring rain (technically there was still class though only one person showed up). I hadn’t planned to go that week anyway because on the 1st of November, I was still recovering from the trip and the 3rd was when I went to the play. Instead, I’m going to get a refund for that week so that worked out (except for the person who had COVID – I don’t know who it was). Anyway, it was nice in the water (heated) but pretty chilly when I got out! Next week is the last week of the class. I need to look up the winter sessions. I’ll probably go back to a more cardio-oriented class like HIIT or something. We’ll see.

Then tonight, I got back out on the court with D to play tennis. That was fun, even though I was a little bit rusty. He hadn’t played while I was gone either, but he’s pretty good anyway.

Today I worked an hour extra which was fine. I cooked a Blue Apron meal for our linner that was really good. Chicken pieces coated in corn starch and a spice blend fried, then topped with a sauce of hot sauce, mayo, and relish. For the sides, white rice with golden raisins and roasted Brussels sprouts that were then tossed with garlic-infused oil. It was yummy and pretty easy to make. We’re getting more Blue Apron tomorrow because I forgot to check the recipes before the deadline so we’re just getting what they selected for us, which, in the past, hasn’t been too bad, but this week involves a recipe for turkey meatloaf that I’m unsure about.

Coming up this weekend will be getting out on the trail again, working on some poems, continuing our daily drawing/sketching challenge. Tomorrow, Mom & I are planning to go to a Greek restaurant in Fullerton that I’m excited about.

Enjoy your weekend!

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