A taste of Greece

Friday nights these days for me are made for sleeping. I swear I get the best sleep on Friday nights. I woke up this morning with eight hours of real sleep meaning I still had an hour and four minutes awake (according to my FitBit and my CPAP) but eight whole hours of actual sleep! Such bliss. My goal is seven hours, and I came close a couple days this week (6h 49m, 6h 47min), so I’ll take that eight happily.

I got up and went first to Civitas Coffee to get a couple croissants (butter for Mom and ham & cheese for me), then I went for a hike. The hiking shoes I have are pretty used. They were off-brand to begin with and not great. When I wore them last weekend, I got a blister on my heel. So today I wore some also old and very used walking shoes. I walked 3.4 miles and felt really good. Here are some photos I took:

After the nature hike, I took myself to Starbucks after getting Mom some milk so she can make hot chocolate (‘tis the season!)

I took a shower and after a bit we headed to Fullerton to try a Greek place in Fullerton called Kentro Greek Kitchen. It’s a cute place. You order and pay at a counter then they bring it to you. Mom got soup and souvlaki. I got a pork pita and a Mythos beer – yum!

Pork pita in foreground. Souvlaki behind.

We both really enjoyed our food. The soup was better after it had cooled off some, but the meat in both dishes was very well seasoned and yummy. As you can see, there was also plenty of tzatziki, and again, Greek French fries are unmatched. Tasting the Mythos beer again was also a pure treat. For dessert, I ordered baklava for us to share and got myself a cappuccino. It took a while to get both items, but when the baklava finally arrived, it was warm and quite delicious. Forgot to take a photo! It was so good because it wasn’t too sweet, but it was packed full of walnuts and honey plus the incredibly flaky phyllo dough. Goodness! Mom brought home her second skewer of her chicken souvlaki and some of the rice. I had no leftovers LOL. We were both happily full and quite satisfied with the meal. It is a bit pricy (not Greek prices!), but it’s fresh and super delicious. I can see us going there again in a couple months maybe.

This evening has been mellow. I’ve got a Calmed by Nature video on that is Fall Coffee Shop Bookstore Ambiance with Relaxing Jazz & Rain Sounds. I broke out my watercolors for today’s drawing of the day (something that starts with “S”). I didn’t work on any poems so that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I might walk again in the morning. I’ll decide when I wake up. It’s only just after 7 pm, but I’m thinking it’ll be time for bed soon!

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  1. Sandy says:

    Sounds like a great day! Jealous of your Mythos.

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