Shorter, fatter,* happier + holiday days off

When last I left you, I was recovering from the twisted ankle I suffered on Saturday.

On Monday, I worked then I took Mom’s car to get air in her tires then picked up some sandwiches for Jersey Mike’s. The rest of the day I took care of the financials and rested.

On Tuesday, I went to the doctor for my annual physical exam. It was here that I learned I am shorter and fatter* than I was last time I saw her. LOL. It’s true though. My height went down a bit. I’m shrinking! And I’ve gained a little weight. I’m not that worried about that because as I noted by the asterisk, *I’m still way down from my highest weight from a few years ago. Yes, I’ve gained a little back, but I’m so much happier these days. I recently saw a photo of me in 2015 when I was in Spain with my mom and sister, and I was much heavier and, looking back, I can see an unhappiness in me. I’m glad that I feel so much better now. I also had bloodwork done and was referred for a colonoscopy. Fun fun fun! I also went to the last class of Aqua Zumba, and then I talked to Sandy (my sister) on our usual Tuesday night call.

I got my bloodwork results on Wednesday, very quickly. Most everything was in the standard range. The only exceptions were potassium, which I take medication for, but it remains low, 😦 and my A1c, which was high enough to be considered ‘pre-diabetic.’ This bums me out. I’d been lower the last couple times, low enough to not be pre-diabetic. So it’s time to start paying a bit more attention to what I’m eating and reducing my carb intake. As I learned from Sandy from her WW days, when it comes to reducing your weight, it ultimately comes down to what you put in your mouth. I know I can get that A1c down again. The number on the scale doesn’t concern me, but my health does. My mom also gave me blood glucose fingersticks to check it every so often.

The big outing on Wednesday for me and Mom was to do our holiday shopping spree. Haha. The past few years, we’ve been going to Marshall’s and filling our carts with $100 worth of stuff and then the other person buys it for them. It works for us because neither of us love shopping so we knock it out in one shot. And it doesn’t bother us that it’s a month before Christmas. It’s fine. After we shopped, we had lunch at Rubio’s. In the evening, I’m sure I just watched TV or read or sketched maybe. By the way, on these days, I did my best to take care of my ankle, but as the days went on, it did feel better. There’s a small twinge every now and then but definitely getting better. I had texted D on Tuesday that I was going to skip tennis this week just to make sure I don’t re-injure it.

Thursday was Thanksgiving (aka National Day of Mourning). We generally do not traditions on this day, be it food or otherwise, since we don’t really care for the traditional foods related to the day. But this year was different. My mom did actually want the traditional turkey dinner. We made reservations at Black Angus which was offering a Thanksgiving meal. I assumed I would have the same thing, but I was happy to see that I could actually order off their menu which was limited but still plenty to choose from. I had salmon with green bean, plus a green salad. We shared their famous garlic cheese bread to start. I ate the pumpkin pie that came with Mom’s meal. It was good, and we had both kind of dressed up a bit for the occasion. (Had to remove images of us because my post wasn’t publishing!)

After we finished the meal and came home, we hung out a bit and then we watched “Disenchanted.” It was not as good as the first one, but it was okay. It had some definite missed opportunities in the way they ended the first one.

Friday was another day off which is just brilliant. I don’t know which days I watched, but I caught up or finished some shows (The Big Brunch, Mythic Quest, Avenue 5). I read. I sketched. I got a call from Kaiser telling me that my doctor wants to switch my blood pressure medication so that the potassium medication can work a bit better. So I had to go pick up a new prescription. Mom came with me because she needed to get her blood tested. We ended up stopping at Trader Joe’s and getting a bunch of stuff then got chicken sandwiches from Popeye’s (delicious!) Before long it was time for another movie that we planned to watch at the same time as Sandy. We watched “Spirited.” Sandy & I enjoyed it. Mom liked it but is not as familiar with the source material (A Christmas Carol) so was sometimes not following very well. I’ll probably watch it again before the year’s out. After that movie, I ended up watching another one (non-holiday). I watched a movie from 2009 called “My Life in Ruins” with Nia Vardalos. I was interested in it because it takes place in Greece. The movie itself is kind of hokey, but I loved the Greece parts, especially in Athens since I was familiar!

So now it’s Saturday. Mom & I made a plan to check out the farmer’s market, but when we got there, there was no market! They had announced that they would be closed for the holiday, but we both had missed the announcement. Oh well. Mom had to go to the library anyway, and then we took a walk around the lake, plus Lulu came with us. (I tried to add photos but they wouldn’t load for some reason.)

For dinner, I made a Blue Apron recipe (chicken w/ a persimmon pan sauce, roasted carrots & mashed potatoes), and now I’m writing! Tomorrow I plan to try out a short hike since I got my new shoes and my new walking stick(!) and because my ankle has been feeling okay. Until next time!

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  1. Sandy says:

    It’s fun catching up with your antics 🙂

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