Day 10: Barcelona

Sandy and I set out again fairly early this morning to get some breakfast. We ended up making kind of a large circle around the Gothic Quarter. We finally stopped at a little corner cafe next to the Santa Maria del Pi church called Giovanni where we had an amazing croissant and a so-so cafe con leche.

The plan for the day was the hop-on/hop-off bus which we boarded at Placa Catalunya. There are two routes and a couple stops where you can switch routes. Mom wanted to do the bus so she could have a look at her hometown city, but she wasn’t too interested in hopping off. We were sitting up on the second deck, but it was really difficult to take good pictures.

We rode the whole first route, then hopped off at Passeig de Gràcia for some tapas at, appropriately, Tapa Tapa. They were pretty good. Then it was time to gawk and photograph la Manzana de Discordia and Casa Milà.

Gaudi and the other architects were truly amazing. Really, Gaudi, though, wow!

We rode on and then hopped off at Sagrada Família. And, goodness. It’s so huge, imposing, impressive, and it’s absolutely mind blowing to consider its scale. I could stare at it for hours.

We rode the rest of the route and got off where we’d gotten on. We went back to Planelles Donat for Mom to get some horchata to go. We stopped at a couple places to get some snacks and some souvenirs, then came back to the room.

Later, Sandy & I went down to the bar and had a bite to eat. It was a pretty chill day, but full of the incredible sites of BCN.

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