the last 10 years

I know I threatened y’all with this post earlier this month. So here it is for those who were waiting (haha). Please note that these are just points I picked out as I rummaged through this blog, my old journals and calendars, and anywhere else I tried to mark my time. They are not necessarily…

last day of November

Oh my gosh! I (kind of) did it! Okay, so I missed a couple days, and some days had two posts because it was after midnight, but really, I’m happy with myself for sticking to it. And thanks to anyone who kept up with my posts! Today was again sunny in the morning but cold….

Another post-midnight post

Wow. It’s not that I’m busy in the evenings, it just doesn’t dawn on me until late to remember to post. Rainy morning. Starbucks, editing work, then to bookstore. Home, Twitter book club (first time-fun!), more editing, dinner, watch TV (Gilmore Girls marathon!), play game on my phone. Mom & I chatted about Christmas. Shopping,…

Preparing for rain

I almost let another day go by without posting. I honestly just plumb forgot about it yesterday. *shrug* Maybe it’s because I got a little thrown off my usual routine yesterday when I was asked if I could go in to work at the bookstore to cover a shift for someone who called in sick….

Always have a plan or, at least, have cookies

The day started well. Becky & I chatted a bit then said our farewells then I met up with Lindsay at Better Buzz in Hillcrest where I had a DELICIOUS breakfast sandwich & a YUMMY iced mocha. We had a wonderful conversation, I do love her so. After that, I wasn’t sure what to do….

An interview!

This morning I played tennis against the wall at the park. I felt pretty good about it. I was starting to get in my head a little bit about my phone interview with a company later that morning. I got home and prepared some. They called at 11 am, and it was a pretty basic…

Friday the 15th

Woke up late (for me), around 7:30 am, but I was at the hitting wall by 8:45 am. I stayed there until about 10:30 am. I so enjoy it. I am curious how I would do against a human. I know I’m not moving as well as I could be to get to balls, but…

Today’s nut

Breakfast at Dalton’s Cafe Work (a rare 8-hour day & also my only day of work this week) Pork burritos with Mom Watch TV, play on phone, general laziness Walk dog, look at full moon with Mom Random and nice convo with Mom and playing with the dog Bedtime


After yesterday’s long walk I knew I wasn’t going to go very long today, but I did want to get out there. I went to a short trail (less than 2 miles) in Whittier that I’ve done a couple other times. It has a pretty good incline (my phone showed that I climbed 30 floors),…

A Long Walk

It feels like I haven’t walked too much lately, but I’ve been trying to stay at least a little active every day. But today I told myself to walk. I went to a flat trail that I hadn’t been on since September when my sister and nephew were visiting. I started walking, and it was…