NPM – 24 of 30

hole in the floormat

my driver’s side floormat
has a hole where
my right heel has
worried through
the fabric

I don’t know how
long my heel has
worked to accomplish
this feat

I have noticed it
slowly growing
I have rearranged
the floormat to
slow the growth

but it always
inches back
to the spot
where my heel
rests in the hole
what else in my life
has sustained such
pressure to have altered
its appearance

what part of me
has such sustained
pressure to cause
that alteration
for some
the pressure
is intangible

for some
the intangible
is pressure


NPM – 23 of 30

yes, I know April is over, but I still owe 8 poems…they’ll get filtered in here and there 🙂


when you’re the person being honked at to go at a green light

it happens

you consider yourself
a pretty good driver
attentive, law-abiding
for the most part

but some days

you’re on auto-pilot
driving the same commute
for what feels like
the millionth time

maybe you’re
engrossed in a story
on the radio, one about
how a guy 20 years ago
created a new kind of apple
that will soon hit the market

maybe you’re
singing a song,
one you haven’t heard
in years — Linda Ronstadt’s
version of “It Doesn’t Matter
Anymore” — that makes you
think of your parents’
record collection & how
you should maybe buy
a record player

maybe you’re
distressed about
the recent shooting
by someone with a
familiar name, you
filter what you know
and what there is
no way to comprehend

maybe you’re
tired from a recent
cold, that’s given to
manifesting now
in coughing fits
and random bouts
of sweating

so many reasons
could plague a
solitary driver
who is first in line
to turn left
who is waiting
who notices
something is sticking
out of her bag
who leans over to
adjust it when
the light turns green

NPM – 18 of 30

what do you make of a day
that begins deciding if
you’re well enough to
return to work

you do

your ten years of working
is celebrated with the
head honchos and others
who have also endured
for a decade

you eat mediocre pizza
and must recount how
you came to work there
then share a favorite story

because you are who you are
your voice almost breaks in
recalling this past portion of
your life in some pithy story

it’s not that you’re terribly emotional
about this position, it’s that you want
to do a good job, even at this awkward
task, and the responsibility of it
almost overwhelms you

you finish

listen to other stories, collect
your crystal award, and return
to your desk, where you have
been invited to be a featured poet
at a new reading

you accept

you leave early to attend
to a yearly exam, the walk
down the corridor seems
so long, you feel grateful
you only have to come here
once a year

you undress

you are glad that the
technician is nice, encouraging
(again with the need to
be praised for a good job!)
but it always works, you
feel like you nailed
the way you held your arm
so she could press your flesh
flat to check for abnormalities

you dress

an hour to get home
your neighborhood alive
with baseball & sunshine

you walk

and now here you are
baseball outside your door
work open in the
next computer window
reality game shows
a click away

but first this poem
this snapshot
this recounting
of a day