sweaty denim

I have these old worn out jeans that I can’t bring myself to throw out because they’re super comfortable. I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that the thigh rubbing area is getting thin and in some places has worn through. I have taken to walking in them.

My last few walks have taken me further far afield. Saturday, I walked 2.3 miles. Sunday was 2.7 miles. And yesterday was 3.1 miles. One of the great things about summer. You can leave the house at 6 pm, walk for 2 hours, and when you get home, the sun is just going down.

Yesterday I walked down J St to 8th, crossed Market and then proceeded to follow a pattern of up one over one. That pattern worked out pretty well until I got to Fir St and Kettner and could no longer go over one (train tracks). So I followed Kettner to Grape, crossed PCH and checked out Waterfront Park (I’m being this specific because something tells me my mom will start up her Google maps to follow where I went).

After snapping a couple photos and wanting to take a couple more, I realized that sweaty denim was not conducive to a functional iPhone. My phone wouldn’t turn on. Thankfully I had my iPod so I fired up the step counter on that so I would know how far I came once the iPhone had crapped out.

I continued on my way home taking Harbor Dr all the way back into the Gaslamp area. I crossed Harbor at 1st and took the MLK Promenade to K St, then turned on 7th and back to J St. It was a gorgeous day, but I was tired, and my legs hurt. Overall, it was about 11,000 steps and 3 miles, which doesn’t seem like that many miles, but expanding my perimeter is a good thing.

Thankfully, my phone was fine after I powered it off and on again. But I probably should re-think my walking pants.


it’s all good

Just checking in to say that the shine on this place is still quite shiny.

Since I last wrote, I have taken many walks through the downtown neighborhoods. Last Friday night, I walked down to a bar at the Hard Rock Hotel where my friends were playing a free show. It took me 8 minutes to walk there. Their set started at 9 pm. I was unsure if I would walk home after they were done, unsure about walking downtown safely into the night (after 10 pm). I figured I could Uber home if needed. I didn’t need to worry. There were still many people out and about throughout downtown. I wasn’t worried at all.

The next morning I walked nearly 4 miles, and I remarked to myself that everything was just really f’in’ pleasant! I got my internet hooked up that day and proceeded to watch many movies, including Room, Spotlight, and a weird little thing called Paradise.

Then the next morning, I took another walk. A different path entirely, and it was also awesome. Later I had to return a book to the library near my former home. When I got back, I decided to go to the library that is literally down the block from my new home. It was such a beautiful day, and I just wasn’t ready to be done walking about.

I started toward the library. It’s seriously just around the corner from my building. One of the realities of where I now live is the fact that I am much more in the thick of the homeless population. It’s quite a strange dichotomy. There’s so much supposed wealth down here, yet there’s also the extreme poverty. It certainly weighs on my mind. I learned today that San Diego has the 4th largest homeless population in the U.S. I have several friends who are involved in homeless outreach. I have been unable to attend any of the events they’ve had thus far, but I am keeping an eye on ways to help. For the most part, I go about my business. However, on this particular day, as I am happily walking toward the library, I happen to notice someone up ahead of me who’s laying on the sidewalk next to a building. As I got closer, I noticed that he was pleasuring himself. That was not something I expected, as you can imagine! I stopped and turned around, deciding to take the long way around to the library.

I spent longer than I intended at the library, mostly because, like with most places, once you’re there, you have no idea what you want. But I picked out a couple books. From there, I went to Lolita’s, a favorite go-to spot, to get some lunch, then head home where more movies were watched.

This week has been busy as can be at work. But a couple different nights this week, after feeling tired from work, when I got home, I decided to go out for a walk. Not four miles, but just out for half an hour or so. The first walk this week, I took myself to a cupcake store because I knew I’d want something sweet later. It was just okay. Probably won’t make frequent that store.

Then tonight, I knew I had more work ahead of me. It had been a tough ride home (as an aside, the morning commute has so far been very easy, while the drive home has been rough. But I’ve found that I’m never as bothered as I was when I was in Rolando because I like where I live now so much more.) I got to my apartment and lay on the bed for a few minutes. There was a game tonight and things were hopping. I decided to get up and get out there, again, just for a quick 30 minutes. Again, I ended up taking new streets and found myself down at the Tin Fish, where a musician I know, Joe Rathburn, plays before every home game. He was very nice and stopped between songs to come over and chat with me. I stayed for a couple more songs, then merrily went on my way as folks were making their way into Petco. As I was walking, seeing the bars mostly full, and people out walking, I wondered what it would be like if the Padres were actually doing well!

I’m sad that there isn’t any baseball while Sandy is here. It really does bring a different level of activity, but I know we’ll still have a blast. She’ll be here next week!


hello, beautiful

I got a card in the mail from my sister yesterday, and that’s what it said on the front. It was perfect.

I got that card in the mailbox of my new place. The last couple months were full of house-hunting, packing, and just getting myself ready. I looked at several places in the neighborhoods that were my targets. Nothing was right. Nothing felt right. And then, one day, I had a crazy idea. What if I expanded my targets, particularly downtown. It was not something I’d ever thought about before. But then, the more I thought about it, the more the idea intrigued me. I mean, it would be a complete departure. Something totally out of my comfort zone. It felt right.

So I added that to my search. And one day, while I was up at my parents’ house (I think it was over 4th of July?), I saw a listing. It seemed almost perfect, nearly too good to be true. It was smaller than I had originally wanted, and it was also at the tip-top of my budget. But I reached out. And I got a response very quickly.

Things went very well from there. I went down to take a look. I met the owner, who is incredibly nice (what a shift!) She and her husband bought the apartment as an investment and have no immediate plans to move there. The location is spectacular. In the heart of East Village between the beautiful downtown library and Petco Park. In fact, before she took me to see the apartment, she took me to the roof of the building, where I saw this:


I was nearly sold just with that. But I saw the apartment anyway 🙂 Her current tenant was still living there, stuff in boxes everywhere, but I got a sense of it. Later, after she showed me the gym  and the small theater room in the building, I decided to leap and hope the net would appear. I told her I’d like to move forward. So we did!

After a week or 10 days, maybe less, of paperwork and her calling references (read: former landlords – surprise surprise Clairemont douchebag never responded), she gave me the green light! Oh my god, I was going to move downtown! And that’s what I did.

I lived in an apartment after I graduated from college, a small 1 bedroom place in Hillcrest. From there, it was always houses. Once I’d lived in a Craftsman, I wanted nothing else. But then came Clairemont, and then Rolando, neither Craftsman and neither in awesome, walkable neighborhoods. My mom & I were talking about it, and she mentioned that and that I didn’t seem like the apartment type, but then I mentioned how in Spain, it was great, and I really think that our trip there last year really had a lasting impact. Especially seeing my cousin Sonia’s adorable little place in Santa Cristina. I remember my sister saying that she could see me in a place like that. I could, too. Of course, at that point, the relationship was still on, but the thought remained.

Han moved out on Saturday, July 30. D moved out around then, too. I moved on Monday, August 1, just over a week ago. A couple days ago, I finished putting everything in its place. I had pared down quite a bit, but somehow, everything I’d moved with me fit quite nicely, even storage-wise (which the apartment doesn’t have much of).

I have described it to people that it feels like I’m on vacation. The rooftop deck is beyond ridiculous. When there has been a game, I’ve gone up to check it out. The Becky came for a visit on Sunday, and we went up there to chat for a while. It’s just simply great. I have taken to it quickly and happily. And I eagerly await my first staying-over guest, my sister, at the end of this month!

As for other things (read: the relationship), I processed that change a while ago, prior to and around the time we had ‘the talk.’ Many of the details of my processing are not for public consumption, but I wish him and D great things.

And for other things (read: work), it continues quite stressfully. I lost one employee at the end of June who moved back to Las Vegas to support his wife who had taken a can’t-turn-it-down job. So in addition to dealing with a break-up and preparing for an upcoming move, I have been trying to hire someone while taking on the work that still needs to be done, on top of the HUGE project we’re working on. Whew. It’s no wonder that on Tuesday, the day after the move (which I had already taken off thinking I would unpack everything), I went to a movie then took a long nap. I was super tired!

But otherwise, I have been trying to take advantage of my new location, so I’ll give you a rundown of some places I’ve had the pleasure of checking out. The very first night I lived there, some friends were going to the baseball game, so I met them at a bar called Bub’s for a beer and appetizers before they came over to check out the place. I made sure to try Lolita’s, the Mexican joint nearby for some rolled tacos 🙂 I’ve also had meatballs and fried ravioli from Salvucci’s, an iced mocha & chocolate croissant from Copa Vida, and an iced mocha and cinnamon croissant roll from Bean Bar. I walked to all of those. That’s just in a week, and there are so many more to try!

I’ll leave you with another shot from the rooftop. Here’s to many great adventures with beautiful sunsets!


what happened in September & hello, October

Let’s see if I even remember. 🙂 But first, a kind and welcome hello to October, this poet’s favorite month.

I’ll start where I left off in late August. On the 26th, I went to my dermatologist who proclaimed the vasculitis to be over. The skin discoloration, she said, would fade over time. My mom gave me a formula to mix to apply of shea butter and lemon. No, Mom, I still haven’t done it.

That same day, but in the evening, I went to my friend, Barbarella’s book release and signing. She is the sister of one of my best friends, Heather. It was a fun evening to hang with all the sisters, 4 in total, and their mom, plus many of her fans. She writes a weekly column in the San Diego Reader, and the book is a compilation of some of the articles from the past 10 years. They’re categorized into different sections, and one of the great features is that her husband, David, also adds his commentary. He is very often a player in her articles, so it was awesome to read the inside story. I read the book in about 3 days then gave it to my mom. She’s getting rave reviews on Amazon, and they are well-deserved. I’ve got to write mine!

The end of August also saw Han & I putting the finishing touches on the garage room. We painted the room, but that involved a lot of ladder work (tall ceiling). Then on Sept 1, D moved back in with us full-time. It’s been good. She is very independent. She has her own entrance (back door) and she has her own car. She’s either in her room or at church or with friends. She even buys her own groceries and cooks her own meals, though she’s eaten with us a couple times. She will graduate from high school at the end of the year, and she’s trying to find a job to help with her expenses. It’s all good.

Starting on Sept 2, I did round 2 of my nutritional cleanse in an effort to get rid of any residual steroid gunk in my system and just to help make sure the vasculitis stays away as much as I can. It was so much easier the 2nd time. I did cheat just a touch, having cheese on a couple things, but for the most part, I stuck with it.

The first weekend of September, I drove up to LM to hang with the folks. It was a good visit.

On Tuesday, 9/9, I went to the Cafe Cabaret reading, and it was great. That next weekend, I went back up to LM because the bathtub was finally going to get reglazed and the rest of the bathroom finished (door sanded, repainted, and rehung so it closes right and the walls repainted). The visit in LM was another good one. When I got home, I realized that the bathroom was as done as it’s going to be. The tub was reglazed, It’s now white so everything matches. The door was fixed so it closes, but that’s it. The walls got a touch-up, but weren’t repainted. Sigh.

On Sept 15, my aunt Mia celebrated her 60th birthday. Her family had thrown a big party for her over the weekend in Sweden. I’m glad she was able to celebrate in style.

During all of this, I should mention that it was extremely hot in San Diego. This happens every year. People plan vacations to San Diego in June or July. But it’s August and September that are hot and beautiful times to be here. In fact, on Tuesday, 9/16, I went to Rebecca’s coffeehouse for the open reading, but it was cancelled. The host was stuck in traffic, but it was so amazingly hot in the coffeehouse, I don’t know that I would have stayed anyway.

On Thursday, 9/18, I went for my follow-up diagnostic exam on my left breast. Thankfully, they didn’t see anything of concern! I was so relieved. I had been sitting in the waiting area with 2 lovely women. When the doctor came out to see everything looked fine, they both said how happy they were for me. I didn’t realize how worried I had been until they expressed their happiness for me.

That night, I went to Elevated! open reading. It was good. On Saturday, I had acupuncture for the first time since mid-July. The reason for the break is that my acupuncturist had a baby! I’m happy for her. Everybody’s doing well. Boy, I had missed acupuncture.

Another thing I should mention that was pretty much a constant through the month was that I had several bouts of depression. Work is very stressful. It’s just me and my one employee. I am regularly working 10, 11, or 12-hour days. As I had texted my mom and sister: Very stressed. Short-tempered. Prone to crying. But all of it prompted me to do something I’ve never done: I asked for a raise. I knew my boss was working on the budget for next year, and at the urging of a work friend, I did it. I am so terrible at shit like that. I had a list of stuff I’ve done over the 4 years since I’ve gotten a significant increase (there are annual increases based on performance), but as I was trying to make my case, I cried. I hate that! But my boss is so nice. He said he appreciated that I could be so emotional and said he hasn’t cried in 10 years! I’ve cried 10 years’ worth in September alone, it feels like. Anyway, I asked for a big raise. It’s not approved, but my boss did put it into the budget. With the three people I lost, there was actually enough to propose my raise, plus another salary to hire a new employee, plus keep the one I have. I have no idea if it will go through, but I asked, and that’s all I can do. He didn’t balk at it or say he didn’t think I deserved it. He’s a good guy.

On Sunday, 9/21, I went to Java Joe’s for my Third Sunday Poetry reading. One person showed up. I waited 15 minutes, then I left. I was so bummed. I was having a bad day that day anyway, and that didn’t help. I’ll do it through the end of the  year, but if it doesn’t pick up, I’ll have to talk with Joe to see if it’s worth keeping up.

I had a day last week that seemed normal, even good. Han & I got Chinese food, watched Breaking Bad, went for a drive. Somewhere along the way, I just went into a funk. I can’t even explain it. I just started crying. And I couldn’t stop. I wasn’t upset about anything in particular, I wasn’t angry, or sad. I just cried. That’s weird. Or something.

On Saturday, 9/27, I did some volunteering for my work. It was a community relations event, and we beautified a park area in San Diego. I did some painting. It was a nice way to spend the morning.

On Sunday, I was on the verge of another funk. To try to beat it, I went to a movie. I saw “The Skeleton Twins.” I had never heard of it, but it has Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. It was a great movie. It might be seen as depressing by some, but I could relate to many of the points it touched on. It’s mostly a drama, but there are a couple scenes where the two SNL alums just go crazy, and it’s hilarious. It also has Luke Wilson. I really liked it.

Yesterday, my mom sent some great news. N has been told by his neurosurgeon that he’s okay! When I was up in LM, Mom had said that her recent conversations with him had been a lot better and that he seemed more like himself. It’s truly amazing. This man has now beaten leukemia and a TBI. He should play the lottery.

Coming up this month: Han has a lot of stuff going on. He’s going up to Northern CA twice, for gigs and a conference. He’s got a CD release show in Poway with the group he went to England with over the summer. And there’s the San Diego Music Awards. He’s not nominated personally, but a few of the records he produced are up for awards. As for me, my TX friend, Barbara will be in town this weekend so I’ll get to see her for a bit. I’ll get an oil change for my car, have acupuncture, I’ll go to some readings. Plus, it’s October which is just good all around. Janis Joplin’s death anniversary (44 years), Halloween, and other ghostly things. Maybe I’ll take the Whaley House tour! Hopefully, there will be no crying jags.

One thing I’m not looking forward to is that my one employee is going on vacation for 3 weeks at the end of October. I have no idea how I’m going to handle the workload, but I’ll have to figure it out.

I have been and will continue to volunteer with the kitties. It’s one place where I completely forget about work and other stuff. Those sweet purring machines are good for my soul.

As it’s October, and I love it so, I will strive to write more frequently this month. We’ll see how it goes!

And one last thing, go Giants!


August thoughts

August began (actually late July ended) with steroids. It was a weird regimen. I started with 6 pills for 3 days, then 5 pills for 3 days, and so on. It wasn’t until later in the week that I realized the pharmacist hadn’t given me enough pills. But after I explained it to them, they gave me the extra 6 without a problem.

The Acoustic Duo has had some gigs, but I haven’t gone to them. It’s better for me to use that time for myself. It’s not that I do much, but I also don’t have to be ‘on’ with hosts, fans, etc. 

The National Poetry Slam happened. The San Diego team made it to semi-finals, but couldn’t get past Slam New Orleans. 

D turned 17. Wow. I didn’t see her as I went up to my parents’ house to see them and to see my sister and nephew who were visiting. The drive up on Friday night was one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. There was traffic, but when there wasn’t, all the cars were going different speeds, like drastically different. In one lane, around 40 mph, in another 80. It was rough. Sandy & T had gone to the Eminem & Rhianna concert in Pasadena. They got back around 1 am, and we chatted a bit about it then went to bed.

On Saturday, Sandy & I took Dad to dialysis, then the rest of us went to lunch at El Cholo. It was super yummy, as always. My mom is under strain with the accident of N. At the time, he was either still in the hospital or had recently been moved to a facility. Since then, he’s able to be at home, but his personality has definitely changed. He is being really mean to my mom and to his sister, which is obviously very hurtful to both of them. I feel so very bad for my mom. I can’t imagine ‘losing’ a close friend in such a traumatic way. And it’s extra hard because he’s the same otherwise. There’s nothing physically wrong with him. It’s his brain, his wiring has been screwed up. So I’m sure they have some hope that he will be the same as he was, but I fear that is not in the cards, at least not anytime soon. Plus, he was always really helpful for her and my dad when they needed things done around the house. He was always ready to help, so that’s not something they can really rely on anymore. Not to mention just the friendship they had. It’s just really a terrible situation. So sad.

Back to the visit.

On Saturday night, Sandy & I went to see “The Hundred-Foot Journey.” She had already seen it, but she liked it so much, she was happy to see it again. It was a wonderful movie. Really pretty, a great & sweet story. I was glad I saw it.

On Sunday, things weren’t so good for me. I started to get a migraine almost immediately after I woke up. I went back to bed. I had breakfast (my appetite was still good). I went back to bed. Later, the family had a serious conversation that made me sad. I fell asleep in the recliner in the living room for a couple hours. I was planning to leave around 7 pm.. We had dinner, which was really good, but almost immediately after, I felt pretty bad. The headache had never really gone away. My brain felt foggy. I went to bed. After about an hour or so, I got my stuff together, and we went outside to take some photos. Any family who reads this, I apologize because those pictures of me are probably terrible. They asked if I could drive. At that point, I felt like a zombie. They said that I should probably stay. I went back inside and promptly had a panic attack. I have no idea if they knew that that was happening. I was crying, hyperventilating, and felt like it could on forever. I called Han who talked me through it until I had calmed down enough to drive. I said my goodbyes and drove home.

Then it was right back to work the next day where it has been super stressful. But I’ve been going to see the kitties every Monday. I went to an open reading on Tuesday that was okay. On the 13th, I took the last pill of the prednisone.

On Friday, I went to the Casbah to see a poet friend perform. He was on tour with a couple bands, and he did short poetry sets before each one. He lives in Texas now, but was from Long Beach which is where I met him almost 20 years ago! It was great to see him and to hang out. 

That Sunday, I hosted my reading at Java Joe’s. It’s the dog days of summer, so even though people on FB said they’d come, there ended up only being 2 poets and one listener. It was great that they were there, but still a bit disappointing.

On Tuesday of this past week, I went to an open reading at Rebecca’s. It was awesome! There were so many people and all fairly good. I didn’t get called until late in the reading, but I know that people stuck around to hear me, which was great.

On Wednesday, I had a co-feature (for those of you who don’t know, at open readings, each poet gets about 5 minutes at the most. If there’s a feature poet, they get about 20 minutes). My co-feature was with my dear friend, Robt, another person who I’ve known for close to 20 years. We don’t get to hang out much. He lives up in North County and he works a ton. It was wonderful to see him, to hear him and to be around him. Another old friend, Jimmy Jazz, was in the audience, too. It was a good reading. I had finished a couple new poems that I read which seemed to have been well-received. Han couldn’t go because he had a gig at the Belly-Up that night.

On nights that I’m home and Han isn’t working, we’ve been watching Aaron Sorkin shows. We finished West Wing last month. Then we watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (it was only one season). Now we’re re-watching The Newsroom, which will start its third and final season next month. So good.

Yesterday, Friday, I made a new recipe. Baked stuffed chicken breasts (yummy) and a cold green bean salad. Tonight I made a meatloaf and au gratin potatoes. 

Today has been quite lovely. Quiet. I did laundry, wrote a letter, and played a lot of Candy Crush. I started a new book, The Cat’s Table, by Michael Ondaatje. I’ll start the last Harry Potter book on September 1. I’ve also watched TV and just tried to relax. 

When I checked Facebook a few hours ago, I saw that Sandy had challenged me to do the ice bucket challenge. It’s a social media trend happening now where people around the world, regular people and celebrities, dump ice water on themselves to raise awareness for ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease). The idea is to get people to donate to the ALS Association. It’s working. They’ve raised $62.5 million as of today. It’s phenomenal. Of course I’ve watched several videos, including the “fail” ones (why would you stand under a deck and trust small kids to dump the bucket correctly?), but I honestly didn’t think I’d get challenged. Now that I have, I’ll tell my story about what I know about ALS.

My sister said on her blog that she’d heard of the disease but didn’t really know what it was or knew anyone who had suffered from it. Unfortunately, I am fully aware of it and knew someone who had it. Eric Lowen was a singer songwriter and founding member of a duo from Los Angeles, Lowen & Navarro (Dan Navarro was the other member). I met them through Han at one of the Folk Alliance conferences I went to in the late 90s. They played at my house concert for 2 nights in September 2001 before 9/11. It was magical. Their best known song is “We Belong” which was recorded and became a huge hit for Pat Benatar, but their songs were recorded by a lot of other big names, and they also performed everywhere. They had a crazy schedule and they were well-liked, well-respected, and they were just great guys. Eric was a tall Nordic character. Dan is shorter and dark (think Dave Navarro of Red Hot Chili Peppers & Jane’s Addiction – I think they’re cousins). They both were amazing songwriters and always super entertaining. Eric was diagnosed with ALS in 2004. They kept touring as long as they could. I think the last time I saw him was in 2007 at Russ & Julie’s 10th Anniversary house concert where the Acoustic Duo was performing as well as Lowen & Navarro. It was shocking to see and hear about the changes Eric went through. From performing as he always did to not being able to play guitar, to not being able to stand, to eventually not being able to sing in 2009.

Through a friend of his here in San Diego and with Dan’s support, I hosted two fundraisers for Eric’s trust. The first was in 2008 and the second was in 2010. Through ticket sales, I was able to give the trust that was set up in Eric’s name to help his family pay for his care a combined total of $4,425. It was really gratifying, a way to help. Eric passed away in 2012.

I watched this video tonight. It was on Upworthy. I think it’s funny and sad and devastating. He lives in Temecula.

So Sandy, thanks for challenging me. I don’t know if I’ll do the ice water on my head (there’s a lot of conversation about the waste of water, especially here in CA), but I’ll be making a donation.

Until next time! 

Han’s home & the bathroom is mostly done

I ended up staying at Chez Beth through Saturday morning. I owe her a big bottle of wine! I don’t really remember everything I ate, but it was pretty much the same as other days. Not a lot for lunch, then something for dinner. I think I splurged one night and got rolled tacos.

Oh yeah, I remember. On Thursday, I went to see my friend, Cathy. We had yummy snacks of hummus, goat cheese, and seaweed crackers. Then she made a delicious salad with tuna. Super good.

Friday was the rolled taco night, I’m pretty sure.

Then it was Saturday. Han’s homecoming day! I got to the house around 8:30 am and started laundry. The water was turned on, but the toilet was not usable. Doug came over around 10 am and he and his wife worked on finishing and cleaning up as much as they could. There’s still work to do. Baseboards, painting, sanding and repainting the door, refinishing the tub, etc. Doug said he’d give Jeff a few days to readjust and then would try to work out a schedule with him.

I went grocery shopping, to the post office, and to Goodwill. I cooked some white fiber pasta with turkey & zucchini in marinara. Han’s flight was delayed a couple hours, which was good for me. It gave me more time to get stuff done.

The landlord came by to check out the bathroom with nary a word of thanks or apologies for my patience or having to move out for a week. Sheesh!

But then it was time! I went to the airport and picked up Han! Nearly everything had gone really well! We celebrated with Mexican food which he had missed (another bit of a splurge). We watched a episode or two of The West Wing, then went to bed.

We had a great day on Sunday. First, though, I should let you know that I have begun the oral steroid treatment. I haven’t had any outbreaks of new spots, but there are a few here and there so I just want to wipe it all out, then do the cleanse again about 10 days after I finish the treatment. I hope to be completely done with the cleanse by the first weekend of September.

Anyway, back to our good day. We went to get his money exchanged but decided to go through the bank (he ended up getting the full exchange rate). We went to Target for new bathroom stuff to match the new color scheme, then we went to sushi for lunch.

We came home and watched more West Wing (finished it up! I was a mess!). Around 7 pm, D came over and we went out to eat Indian food. Han took a liking to it in the UK. I had never had it before. We went to a place called Taste of the Himalayas. I got Chicken Chilly. It was spicy (I only got 4 out of 10). Han’s Balti was so spicy (8 of 10) that he couldn’t finish it. D got lamb (2 of 10), and she really enjoyed it. The garlic nan bread was delicious as was this spinach cheese mixture. We’d have it again, but dial down our numbers. It was a great day!

Today, up early to go to work and then to the kitties. It was different today because none of the kitties had had their services. Since I go so late, their services (feather time, TLC, or cuddling) are usually already done for the day so I just do what I want with who I want. But today, I actually had tasks! It was great. Lou is still there, and he will be for another 2 weeks. There were some other kitties, too, but Lou is totally my favorite.

I got home and started on Han’s laundry from the trip. I also roasted some chicken breasts. Han has some clients over, but he’s almost done.


On a sad note, my mom got in touch with me yesterday to let me know that her dear and best friend, N, is in the hospital in ICU due to a brain injury. He was unconscious as of yesterday. What she can gather that happened was that he was doing some work for one of his tenants and fell and hit his head. He was alone, and the police said the 911 call was anonymous. I am so saddened by this turn of events. All of my healing thoughts go to him and to his sister and my mom, I wish them great strength to help him get through this. He’s already battled and beat leukemia. May he pull through this setback just as well.


p.s. Mom – I can’t access your blog for some reason. It says I have to use a different account? I had been signed in with Google in order to leave comments. Not sure what to do?

post cleanse & displaced

It’s Wednesday night. I am 4 days post-cleanse, and I feel like I have been maintaining very well!

On Sunday, I was at Chez Beth all morning (strawberries w/ cinnamon for breakfast), only headed out to do my reading at Java Joe’s, which again was sparsely attended but lively. Before I went to Joe’s, though, I stopped at the house to get some books for the reading. Things seemed quite incomplete. When I told Doug I could stay at Chez Beth for a few more days, he was very happy. I figured if I gave him more time, there might be a chance it will be done by Saturday. After that, I went to El Zarape to order something to take back to the guest house: shrimp burrito, rice, and beans. Delicious! No ill effects either.

Monday, I was up early to go to work by 6:30 am. For breakfast, I got oatmeal from Starbucks. I added in the dried fruit and nuts, plus a little bit of the brown sugar (tasted nasty without it). For lunch, I had hummus with crackers and some pistachios. When the time came, I was headed for the kitties. They were very sweet. There’s one, Lou, who has been there for so long. He is so adorable.

I stopped at the house afterward to get some clothes and stuff. Not much progress from the day before. Sigh.

That night, I took myself out to dinner to Red Lobster. I had the cheddar biscuits (yummy!). I had the salmon and crab. The crab was in some weird sauce. It might have been lobster sauce, but the taste was so strong, I didn’t eat it. But I took out the caesar salad, salmon, wild rice, and asparagus pretty good. A bit of decadence.

Tuesday, it was another early morning because I had scheduled an oil change for my car at 3 pm that day. So in again at 6:30 am with an apple for breakfast. At work, we’ve had a couple interns working. One’s last day is tomorrow (Thursday), and the other one (who works for me) is leaving next Wednesday. A few of us went out to lunch to thank them. We went to Cafe Luna, a nice little Italian place. As much as I was tempted, I stayed away from the pasta, and got a spinach salad with grilled chicken, strawberries, dried cherries, and feta in a balsamic fig vinaigrette. It was good! I ate half of it, and ate the rest of the chicken while I was waiting for my car to get lubed up.

After the oil change, I was kind of at a loss. I knew it would be hot at Chez Beth. It seemed too early for dinner. There were no movies starting at that time (4:30 pm). Every other thought I had of someplace to go or something to do just seemed tedious and unsatisfying. I was pissed. I would have loved to just go home and watch TV, do some laundry, write this blog!

I did end up just going to back to the guest for a couple hours, but I did decide to see a movie later that night. I saw “Wish I Was Here,” and I loved it! I’m not a huge Zach Braff fan, but he was great (aside from, to me, his character changed really quickly at the beginning). I love Kate Hudson. I find her to just be good in everything I’ve seen her in, plus she’s lovely to look at. It was a good one, and helped right my attitude. I did have popcorn at the movie and a big water. I don’t regret it.

After the movie, I couldn’t decide what to have for dinner. It was late, but there’s a Del Taco on the way to Chez Beth. Again, good decisions (not the best but the better than I have been). I got a turkey soft taco (turkey!), a chicken soft taco, and a chicken quesadilla. All good for me. No fries. More water.

Today, for breakfast I had some cinnamon applesauce, then I had to go to the dermatologist to have my stitches out. I had to wait longer than usual but then snip snip and they were out. I asked about my biopsy results. The nurse who took out my stitches wasn’t allowed to discuss them with me but said the doctor would call me today (he didn’t). I’ll call tomorrow.

By the way, since Sunday, I have not had any new spots! The existing places on my legs are still healing, but they’re healing! I’m pretty happy about it, but I’m also knocking on wood.

For lunch, I just had some hummus and crackers.

I worked ’til 6:30 pm, then came by the house to get some more clothes and drop off my dirty laundry. Doug wasn’t here, but the toilet still isn’t in, and it looks like he still has to grout everything. The tub is still pink (it’s going to be refinished). It still needs to be painted. But the tiles are all up and the floor is down. I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to sleep here on Friday, then have Saturday to do some chores and clean up before Han arrives.

Now it’s time to decide what to have for dinner (another downside of displacement: not being able to cook). It’s already after 8 pm. Oy!

Until next time!