sweaty denim

I have these old worn out jeans that I can’t bring myself to throw out because they’re super comfortable. I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit that the thigh rubbing area is getting thin and in some places has worn through. I have taken to walking in them.

My last few walks have taken me further far afield. Saturday, I walked 2.3 miles. Sunday was 2.7 miles. And yesterday was 3.1 miles. One of the great things about summer. You can leave the house at 6 pm, walk for 2 hours, and when you get home, the sun is just going down.

Yesterday I walked down J St to 8th, crossed Market and then proceeded to follow a pattern of up one over one. That pattern worked out pretty well until I got to Fir St and Kettner and could no longer go over one (train tracks). So I followed Kettner to Grape, crossed PCH and checked out Waterfront Park (I’m being this specific because something tells me my mom will start up her Google maps to follow where I went).

After snapping a couple photos and wanting to take a couple more, I realized that sweaty denim was not conducive to a functional iPhone. My phone wouldn’t turn on. Thankfully I had my iPod so I fired up the step counter on that so I would know how far I came once the iPhone had crapped out.

I continued on my way home taking Harbor Dr all the way back into the Gaslamp area. I crossed Harbor at 1st and took the MLK Promenade to K St, then turned on 7th and back to J St. It was a gorgeous day, but I was tired, and my legs hurt. Overall, it was about 11,000 steps and 3 miles, which doesn’t seem like that many miles, but expanding my perimeter is a good thing.

Thankfully, my phone was fine after I powered it off and on again. But I probably should re-think my walking pants.

# 10 – last day in Playa de Aro (memories of Barcelona a year later – a series)

I can’t believe we’re already at Day 10!


23 September 15

We got up around 8:30am. It was cloudy, but I asked Sandy if she wanted to take a walk and she did. We left around 10:30 am (after breakfast of croissants) and walked to the arches along the beach. It was a good walk with beautiful views that I remembered so well, views that I feel are etched into my DNA. The sea looked incredible. (lots of photos!)

On the way back, I couldn’t help but take a photo of this day-10b-walk-with-sandy15beachside bar that Mama Pepita frequented. It’s changed a lot looks-wise, but the name evokes images of her sitting there with a beer and some chips, getting some sun on her arms and legs.

We got back around noon. Turns out Mom had been fielding calls from the hotel bugging us to leave the room, so we hurried out of there and spent about an hour waiting in the lobby for Sonia & Eric to arrive. While we waited, I walked around a bit more by myself, close by. When I returned to the lobby, Sonia & Eric had arrived, but Mom was not around anymore. I went looking for her, and while I was gone, she had returned. I was kind of upset with her since she knew we were going to be leaving, and then I saw that she had been crying, and everything I was feeling melted away. She was sad to be leaving Playa de Aro, and I totally got it. I probably could have stayed another day, but it was still very good.

On our way back to Barcelona, we decided to stop for lunch at a roadside place they know about called Grill Ruta Baviera. We sat outside and had canas. I had croquetas and everyone else had some form of grilled meat (steak, chicken, sausage). We also got a huge plate of fries and pan con tomate. It was a great lunch, and a nice way to end this part of the trip.

On the way to Barcelona, I slept. Once we reached the city, I wanted to try to understand the geography of the city and know where we were since we were staying in a different AirBnB. We arrived to Calle Arago. The building seems very old. Case in point, check these photos (miniscule elevator, the view from the elevator to our door, the staircase!):

However, the apartment is super modern. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, everything updated. Very nice. The host, Anna, was there to meet us and show us around the she left.

Sonia & Erik hung out with us for a little bit but left around 6:30 pm. We lounged a while and got on WiFi, then it was time to get ready to meet Mom’s cousin, Franc, for dinner. Tomorrow is La Merce, a big festival day here (and the anniversary of my parents meeting). We took a taxi to the Gothic Quarter, and there were a lot of people out and about, plus concerts happening and it was all very festive.

The restaurant we went to was another awesome experience. Can Pitarra, est 1890. Franc is very nice, very smart, very talkative. We arrived around 8:30 pm. We had cava all night. For dinner, I had grilled asparagus, then a whole dorada fish that Franc had to filet for me, and for dessert chocolate truffles in whipped cream with coffee syrup.

The fish was really good though I had to work around the bones. It was served with potatoes and the best aioli I’ve had here. This meal was spectacular! We were done around 11:30 pm. Wow!


We took a taxi back to the apartment, where Sandy took advantage of the laundry facilities. We also talked to figure out our plans for tomorrow. I wrote this entry, and it’s currently raining in Barcelona.

cold house

Last day of NaBloPoMo! With the exception of last Wednesday, I wrote every day this month (I made up for it with 2 posts on Thanksgiving). It’s been fun. I will make no promises as to future writing! I’ve learned my lesson there.

It’s San Diego, so it does not get super cold here, like say it does in Salt Lake City or Sweden. But it’s all relative, right? We haven’t turned on the heater here, mainly because it’s a new (to us) place, and I’d rather have SDG&E come out to look at it first. So the last few nights it’s been getting cold here (in the 40s), and the house just cools right off. I’ve taken to wearing my jacket while I’m here in the evenings. Yes, yes, we’ll call SDG&E or at least get a couple space heaters 🙂

Han got home today, and I picked him up at the rental car place. We had Chinese food for dinner and watched the first episode of Twin Peaks. Remember that show? I never watched it when it was on. It’s odd, but I will say I’m a bit intrigued. By the way, I finished Parenthood on Netflix, but I was so bummed out because it only went through season 5, but there were 6 seasons! I didn’t recall exactly how many there had been so I figured there were only 5. Then when I got to the last episode and knew there was more to the story (from having watched it when it was on in prime time), and it wasn’t there, I was sad! But then, I just looked it up and season 6 will be added in late December! How convenient!

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off for all kinds of medical stuff. I’m going to therapy. I have to get lab tests done. I have to take in my pee samples that I’ve had to do the last two mornings (one more tomorrow, and BTW, I’ve had to keep them in the fridge. Yuck.) I have to pick up a prescription. And I’m going to have an ultrasound on my kidneys. Hopefully, it’ll all be done by early afternoon. My mystery pain seems to be better today, still kind of there, but not as bad as it was yesterday morning.

Until the next time!

big news!

It’s raining in San Diego!! Yes, that’s the big news. This rainstorm, complete with thunder and lightning that hasn’t stopped all evening, will dominate the television and radio tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong. For here, it was dramatic and out of the ordinary.

Tonight, I was anything but.

I made dinner (a beef goulash, but the meat got overdone), watched some episodes of “Parenthood,” and did the dishes. Yawn. Maybe I should have come in and written instead because now I’m tired and going to bed.

Aren’t you glad I’m writing every day?