the last 10 years

I know I threatened y’all with this post earlier this month. So here it is for those who were waiting (haha). Please note that these are just points I picked out as I rummaged through this blog, my old journals and calendars, and anywhere else I tried to mark my time. They are not necessarily…

two years gone

This day will never be easy. I will always think about that morning. That day. That new reality of life without my dad. This morning, I desperately tried to remember where I kept the grief journal I wrote last year, the one that I couldn’t even think until a year had gone by. Where was…

Welcome to 2020!

This week, I’ve been working on my “Unraveling” workbook. I’ve completed the workbook since 2015, I think. It usually takes me a few days. First you look back at the year that is being ushered out and then you look ahead to the year that lies ahead. This exercise isn’t just write down some resolutions….

December reflections #1 – Through a window

It’s me. I follow this woman named Susannah Conway on Instagram and subscribe to her email newsletter. I’m not sure how I found her (through my sister?) but at the end of every year, she puts out a free workbook called Unravel Your Year that you can fill out to reflect on the year that’s…

last day of November

Oh my gosh! I (kind of) did it! Okay, so I missed a couple days, and some days had two posts because it was after midnight, but really, I’m happy with myself for sticking to it. And thanks to anyone who kept up with my posts! Today was again sunny in the morning but cold….


The sky was blue and full of puffy clouds today, but the temperature was chilly (for here) most of the day, in the low 50s. I have missed getting out to exercise these last few days. Today, I spent more time editing. The UC applications are due tomorrow so there’s been a flurry of activity…


Rainy all day. I got up around 7, went to Starbucks & got a donut for Mom. Read a little while then edited most of the day. We talked to my dad’s brother & sisters. We talked to Sandy. Mom & I went to eat at 12Sixty. It was very quiet. They had a holiday…

Another post-midnight post

Wow. It’s not that I’m busy in the evenings, it just doesn’t dawn on me until late to remember to post. Rainy morning. Starbucks, editing work, then to bookstore. Home, Twitter book club (first time-fun!), more editing, dinner, watch TV (Gilmore Girls marathon!), play game on my phone. Mom & I chatted about Christmas. Shopping,…

Preparing for rain

I almost let another day go by without posting. I honestly just plumb forgot about it yesterday. *shrug* Maybe it’s because I got a little thrown off my usual routine yesterday when I was asked if I could go in to work at the bookstore to cover a shift for someone who called in sick….

Always have a plan or, at least, have cookies

The day started well. Becky & I chatted a bit then said our farewells then I met up with Lindsay at Better Buzz in Hillcrest where I had a DELICIOUS breakfast sandwich & a YUMMY iced mocha. We had a wonderful conversation, I do love her so. After that, I wasn’t sure what to do….