Updated 8/9/16:

As noted in the header, these are notes on a musical, poetic and ordinary life. I have all of these things in various degrees every day.

For the poetic part: I am a poet. In my younger days I was quite prolific and produced a lot of work. But then other things took over and reduced my ability (and sometimes desire) to write as often as I did. But it’s still there, some days more than others, but it’s always there.

For the musical part: I enjoy live music, mostly made by the amazing musicians who are doing their thing here in San Diego. I lean toward the acoustic singer/songwriter scene and have made many friends within that scene. I used to host (2000-2008) one of San Diego’s premier house concerts that I called Meeting Grace.

For the ordinary (but still essential) part: My family is a constant in my life, and they do keep things interesting. I have recently struck out on my own once again after a 10+ year relationship. I moved to a downtown apartment for a drastic change of pace. I’ll try to keep up here with all my downtown adventures.

I work with words for a living and always try to keep a song in my heart.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. some things i have learned while reading yer blog: both our significant others were out of town at the same time and we both chose to fill the time the same way- catching up with the self (but still wishing i’d have called you at least one of those days); that it’ll soon be 10 years since “the best of joe’s”; that your new poems are still as achingly beautiful as the ones I love from the past, and how i also love that they still reference music & driving & larger than life landscapes so often; that we’re both feeling nostalgia for the scene that was and could be again if we all dream it often enough; and that it’s my 20th summer here and how I have always thought that summer tastes like a palapas fish taco at the del mar fair but since I’ve never had an orange cream-sicle shake.. do I really know summer after all? i love you, miss you and will read you more often now that I have discovered this poetic space, xoxo

  2. Hi Folks

    Allan Macleod and I would love to do a concert In San Diego again and wonder if you can help us find a venue there. Lately we have been limiting ourselves to one or two small house concert type gigs a month. We are currently looking for gigs in February through June.

    We sing mostly Scottish and English songs of our homelands. Our presentation and style assures plenty of audience involvement and people enjoy the stories we use to illustrate the sources of our songs.

    We have 4 of our popular CD’s available at our gigs and are glad to send one to you to listen to. Our website is about to be updated but still gives a good idea of what we do. Check it out at:http://www.dickholdstock.com/ .

    Dick Holdstock

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