cold house

Last day of NaBloPoMo! With the exception of last Wednesday, I wrote every day this month (I made up for it with 2 posts on Thanksgiving). It’s been fun. I will make no promises as to future writing! I’ve learned my lesson there.

It’s San Diego, so it does not get super cold here, like say it does in Salt Lake City or Sweden. But it’s all relative, right? We haven’t turned on the heater here, mainly because it’s a new (to us) place, and I’d rather have SDG&E come out to look at it first. So the last few nights it’s been getting cold here (in the 40s), and the house just cools right off. I’ve taken to wearing my jacket while I’m here in the evenings. Yes, yes, we’ll call SDG&E or at least get a couple space heaters 🙂

Han got home today, and I picked him up at the rental car place. We had Chinese food for dinner and watched the first episode of Twin Peaks. Remember that show? I never watched it when it was on. It’s odd, but I will say I’m a bit intrigued. By the way, I finished Parenthood on Netflix, but I was so bummed out because it only went through season 5, but there were 6 seasons! I didn’t recall exactly how many there had been so I figured there were only 5. Then when I got to the last episode and knew there was more to the story (from having watched it when it was on in prime time), and it wasn’t there, I was sad! But then, I just looked it up and season 6 will be added in late December! How convenient!

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off for all kinds of medical stuff. I’m going to therapy. I have to get lab tests done. I have to take in my pee samples that I’ve had to do the last two mornings (one more tomorrow, and BTW, I’ve had to keep them in the fridge. Yuck.) I have to pick up a prescription. And I’m going to have an ultrasound on my kidneys. Hopefully, it’ll all be done by early afternoon. My mystery pain seems to be better today, still kind of there, but not as bad as it was yesterday morning.

Until the next time!


weekend over

The weekend has come to an end. Over Saturday and Sunday, I watched all 6 of the Star Wars movies. The first three episodes on Saturday and episodes 4,5, and 6 today.

I also finished part of the project I’ve been working on for work so that was a success.

On the downside, I woke up with a pain in my side, like I pulled or strained a muscle in my belly or ribcage during my sleep. Ouch. But my day brightened when my sister called me 🙂

D got home last night from being up at her mom’s for Thanksgiving. Han is on his way home, but traffic was so bad, he stopped for the night. He’ll be home tomorrow.

Oh, and for the record, I got the cinnamon roll this morning that I was craving yesterday, and it was delicious.


I woke up this morning really craving a cinnamon roll. I looked up nearby bakeries. Then I figured I should do something to earn that tasty treat. So I did a 3-mile hike through Rancho Mission Canyon. It was great! And afterward, I couldn’t find the bakery I wanted, thought about getting lunch from somewhere instead, and ended up coming home and making myself a sandwich.

I guess that’s a bit of progress?!?



back home in SD

This morning was pretty mellow. I went out to a little bakery that has stuff we like. I get a ham & cheese croissant, and Mom likes the cinnamon rolls. Dad wanted an apple fritter. We basically lounged the whole morning. We talked some about the next visit when Sandy & T will be visiting, too.

I left around 1 pm and again checked Google maps. It’s become quite handy for routes and timing. It told me that there was a 90 minute delay on I-5 South but didn’t give an alternate route until I was already on the road. But it did say there was a different way that would save 45 minutes. I took it. I cruised down 15 South, which was probably more mileage, but there was very little slowing the whole way, even when it was pouring down rain in parts. I got home at 3:30 pm.

Before long it was time to take Han to get the rental car for his next trip. Thankfully, the road to the airport was clear. We were even able to transfer the gear in the Avis parking lot, which was great.

I went by the store, then came home. Can you guess? I watched “Parenthood” and made some pasta. I added chicken sausage and goat cheese. It was yummy.

This weekend, I plan to work. Maybe get out for a walk or two.



Never been a big holiday for my family. We rarely, especially since me & Sandy have grown up, have a ‘traditional’ meal. Today, we had grilled steak with potatoes, plus alioli & bread. It was really good. For dessert, chocolate pudding with whipped cream. For lunch, Mom made pan con tomate and we put jamon serrano on top. There was also chips & guacamole, patatas con alioli, and chips & spinach dip. All yummy!

I took Dad to dialysis this morning. The bummer was he hurt his back again, pretty much just as it was starting to be pain-free. He wasn’t feeling very good all day.

After I got back, I turned on the TV and watched a bit of the parade, but it was lame, but then I found “The Godfather,” which seemed pretty perfect.

This holiday, obviously, is meant for giving thanks and being grateful. I am grateful for many things in my life. Not the least of which is being able to spend time with my parents.

Tonight, Mom & I hung out in her room for a couple hours and talked about movies, organization, and when it’s okay to throw things away or donate them.

I hope Dad’s back gets to feeling better.

Tomorrow, I’ll head back to San Diego, but I’m coming back up here when Sandy & T come to visit in a couple weeks. Fun!

I forgot!

I totally spaced on blogging yesterday! Sorry! To make up for it, I will post twice today.

Yesterday, I went to work with my pie and cookies. Around 11:15 am, we started putting food out. A lot of people were off so there was a small group, around 12. The newly appointed VP, and an old friend from RRS days, was off, but he was going to come in and bring the turkey. My boss was also off, but he was going to come in and bring a ham. Well, the ham got there, but the other guy didn’t order the turkey and struck out at Honey-Baked and Boston Market. So there wasn’t turkey at our Thanksgiving potluck. It was okay, there was plenty of lumpia! The cookies and pie were very well-received. There were leftovers so I brought them up here to LM.

We were told we could leave around 1pm, but I had a meeting so I ended up leaving around 2 pm. The roads were already crowded. I used Google maps to get me there the fastest, but it still took about 3 hours. I went on toll roads, side streets, and random freeways, but I was moving pretty much the whole time which is what I like. I detest sitting in traffic.

When I got here, things were a little tense because I was upset about something which made my mom upset. After things calmed down, it was fine. Mom made BLAT’s and Trader Joe’s mac ‘n’ cheese. We watched “Survivor” then I just went to bed around 10 pm. It was weird, it didn’t even occur to me about the blog until this morning!

Until later today!

baking, anxiety, Trainwreck

It’s holiday week. Tomorrow at work, we’re having a potluck. It seems like it’s going to be kind of skimpy this year since we have fewer people, and some of the people will be on vacation.

This year, I signed up for desserts. So today I made a pumpkin pie and chocolate chip applesauce cookies. I also made a meatloaf for Han to have while I’m gone.

He got back today, and I went down to meet him at the rental car place around noon. We had to unload all the gear from the rental into my car before he returned it. We met in the cell phone lot near the airport (we rent the car from the Avis at the airport). It was crazy busy, and it made me extremely anxious.

I came home instead of driving back up to work, but I brought my laptop and did some work here as I baked. I really enjoy baking. I don’t tackle anything too taxing, but I always make pretty good cookies. I think the pie came out pretty good, too. I’ll have to stop for whipped cream on my way in to work since I forgot it at the store.

Tonight, Han & I watched “Trainwreck,” the Amy Schumer movie. I enjoyed it. It was graphic and vulgar in parts and incredibly sweet and believable in others. I like her a lot, and the movie reinforced it which was a good thing!

After the movie, I cleaned up the kitchen from the afternoon of baking.

Did I mention that there’s a house in the neighborhood that is already decorated for Christmas? And two (2!) radio stations that are playing holiday music 24/7. Too soon, people!