settling in

I was so sad because I didn’t think I’d gotten any response to my last post, but then I realized I hadn’t updated my email address on my account! Thanks for commenting, Mom, Mia, and Sandy!

Last week, on Tuesday night, I went to Cafe Cabaret for the open poetry reading. It was fine. I’d by lying if I said it gives me the same charge it once did. I used the time to write in my journal (my last entry had been in December!) so that was good.

On Wednesday, my friend, Heather came over to see the new place and then we went to dinner. We went to a nearby sports bar place called Bridges. It was okay. I doubt I’ll go there very often. It took a long time for our food, and my sandwich was pretty forgettable. But it was great seeing her and catching up. We’ve started our own little 2-person book club. We’ve read two books so far (Eleanor & Park and The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry). Now we’re reading The Valley of Amazement. We’re supposed to meet again before my trip (to Spain!).

On Thursday night, Han had a gig and we had gotten a Blue Apron order so I made all three meals that night. I was going to be gone for the weekend so I figured Han and D could eat them. It was kind of fun! The recipes were spiced meatballs with a squash salad, summer ratatouille with parmesan polenta, and a ginger-basil chicken with coconut rice.

On Friday, I was supposed to visit my friend, Cathy, but she was working on a deadline and had to postpone. I headed up to La Mirada around 7:30 pm. A cool thing happened on the way. I was listening to the Padres game on the radio. I haven’t kept up much this season, especially when the Pads didn’t live up to the pre-season hype. But on Friday, San Diego Padres history was made when Matt Kemp hit for the cycle! It was the first time ever for Kemp as a player and for San Diego as an organization. They remain the only team to not have a no-hitter, but that cycle was a long time coming! It was so exciting to hear it!

I got to the folks’ house, and we chatted some before I went to bed. On Saturday, I took my dad to dialysis. It was 90 degrees by 10 am. Han and I were texting, and he suggested we re-think the plan of me driving my parents down to SD on Sunday to see the house. It was HOT, and we have no real relief from it here aside from some ceiling fans, an AC in Han’s room, and one in the studio. We decided to put it off which is probably for the best. With it being their first visit to SD in quite a while, I want it to be a good one! Mom & I went to lunch at Red Robin after a couple failures (Carrino’s is closed forever and The Habit was too crowded). For dinner, Dad & I had Dickey’s Barbecue and Mom had a sandwich.

On Sunday, we didn’t do much of anything. Mom & I chatted about the trip, otherwise we just hung out. That evening, the San Diego Music Award nominations were announced and Han’s Acoustic Duo is nominated twice and the Super Group is also nominated twice, including for Album of the Year! Good times!

I had decided to stay the night in LM, and drive to work from there. So this morning, I was up at 4 am, and on the road by 5 am.

On the work front, two people in my department gave their notices today. Huge bummer and quite a blow to the workflow. It’s not good times at the company. Scary. Meanwhile, a good friend was back from his vacation on which his 13-month old dog ate poisonous mushrooms and passed away. Devastating. He’s obviously sad, as are his partner and her two daughters. He really loved that dog. So tragic.

Tonight, Han & I had Chinese food that was pretty good. We’re still discovering places to eat around here. It’s fun driving around the neighborhood and seeing what is around.

It’s time for me to get into planning mode for vacation. Oh, and still nothing from the previous landlord. This Friday is Day 21. Patience.

Maundy Thursday

I don’t know how in my 43 years, I’ve never heard this term, ‘maundy.’ Or realized that it’s the day of the Last Supper. I’m not too religious as you may have guessed.

Today, two great men died. One I knew, the other I knew of. The latter first: Doug Sax. He owned a business called The Mastering Lab in Hollywood in the 90s, and it is where our friend, Gavin Lurssen, got his start as a mastering technician. Han used to go work with Gavin when he was still at The Mastering Lab, so I’m pretty sure he had met Doug. Gavin has since started his own business, Lurssen Mastering, but he considers Doug Sax his mentor. It’s a sad loss for the music world.

And it is also a sad loss for poets. My friend, Steve Kowit, passed. I met Steve back in the mid-90s when I was getting myself into the San Diego poetry scene. He has many collections of poetry, and he also put out a ‘how-to’ book of sorts called, “In the Palm of Your Hand.” He was always very nice to me, very gracious. I know many, many people who took his workshops and who consider him a mentor. I didn’t ever take advantage of being a student of his, but I enjoyed his work when I heard or read it. I last saw him read at Cafe Cabaret last year. I remember thinking that it felt like he was putting on a master class of craftsmanship, performance, and vitality. He was awesome. I’m so glad I got to see him read one last time. May he rest in peace, and may his wife, Mary, stay strong. Here’s one of his classics:


I worked on the poem I posted here yesterday a bit and sent it as the poem of the day at work. I also posted it on Facebook. I probably will do the same with this one. These are works in progress.


Maundy Thursday

my feet are dirty
my table is bare
my friends are loyal

sacrifice is such a loose term now
same with love, betrayal, service

on this first of several holy days
I am drawn to the story
of the Last Supper
how Jesus brought his disciples together
told them to love one another
told them to eat the bread, drink the wine
washed their feet to defy social class
told them how one would betray him

it’s a great story
it’s easy to see why so many still follow
the lessons of it
I kind of wish more people would

it really can be this simple:
help others

summer is here

I don’t know why people get so surprised. Summertime heat always hits San Diego in August & September. It’s hot, humid, and heavy. Thunderclouds billow and threaten but never come through.

I am beyond excited because tomorrow my sister comes to visit. Last year at this time, I went to visit her in Salt Lake to help her as she recovered from her knee surgery. I don’t remember the last time she was in San Diego. She’ll fly in to SD, then we’ll drive up to LM to hang with the folks for the weekend. Then we’ll come back here for Monday afternoon through Tuesday night. Yay!

It’s US Open time 🙂 It’s Labor Day. It’s all good.

Since I last wrote, there’s been some fun. Han & I got tickets to see Willie Nelson courtesy of Mickey Raphael who played harmonica on Flan’s record. Flan asked him to put us on the guest list, and he did! The show was at Humphrey’s, and it was a beautiful night. Willie is 80 years old, but he is still doing his thing. His guitar playing isn’t as sharp as it once was, and he has to adjust the notes to allow his voice to do it, but man, to hear songs like “Help Me Make it Through the Night,” “Crazy,” “Good Hearted Woman,” “Always on My Mind,” and “On the Road Again,” plus a host of Hank Williams covers, songs from Teatro, plus new songs mixed in with classics such as his ending “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” which led into “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die.” It was awesome. Sadly, though, our dreams of being invited on Willie’s bus didn’t come true. Maybe next time!

Another things was D turned 16! We went out to dinner for Italian with her mom, grandma, and 2 of her friends. She was gifted with a car for her birthday. She has her learners permit, and will have her license in January. Wow. She’ll start school soon, her junior year.

That weekend (8/9-11), my dear friend Barbara was in town to do her CD release show for her 3rd solo record (recorded with Han). We went to dinner in OB on Friday, which was awesome. On Saturday night, she had her house concert. This venue is spectacular with an amazing view of the Pacific. Then on Sunday, it was back to OB for a more casual afternoon show at a local bar. Lots of friends came out and played some songs and hung out. It was really wonderful to see her. She’s doing her CD release in Austin in September, and Han is going out for that. They’ll have a blast!

The next week was pretty mellow. There was a day in there when I simply had to completely check out. I was really tired. I took the day off, and slept til 2 pm. I was up for a few hours, then went to bed at 9 pm and slept ’til the morning. I needed that. The weekend took me up to LM to hang with Mom & Dad which was super relaxing.

On Monday, August 19, Han was part of a show at the Lowell Davies outdoor Shakespeare theatre in Balboa Park, It was a tribute to Jeff Buckley. There were several amazing artists, several friends (many of whom were one and the same). It was wonderful. Han killed. He did “Conversations with the Moon,” then Buckley’s “The Last Goodbye,” then Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released.” The show was remarkable, the venue stupendous. It was a fabulous night!

On Tuesday, I went to Rebecca’s for their open reading which was fun. My friend, Lindsay, couldn’t make it, but I didn’t want that to stop me from going. I still enjoyed it. And on Wednesday, I went to Upstart Crow in Seaport Village for that open reading. I absolutely love that bookstore. It’s so cool.

I don’t remember what happened on Thursday, but on Friday, I went to a local coffee shop, Bay Park Coffee, and did some writing while Han was at a rehearsal. That felt really good. The coffee shop was super cute. I’ll definitely go back.

On Saturday, I had acupuncture (divine), then Han & I went to Liberty Station where he was performing as part of ArtWalk. It was a lovely day, and Liberty Station is the new happening place in town. It’s good for big events, but there’s also restaurants, grocery stores, and that’s where the new San Diego Writers Ink is located. It’s awesome. The gig was great, and it was nice to be outside in the sun. That night, Acoustic Duo had a house concert right near our house, which was convenient. I hadn’t been to a show in a while, and it was nice to hear them again. And the audience loved it!

On Sunday, we watched the Little League World Series. San Diego’s own Eastlake All-Stars represented the West all the way and won the US Championship. In the WS finals, they were up against Japan. It was a good game, but Japan prevailed. Still, US Champs is nothing to sneeze at. Those kids did good!

This past Monday, 8/26, Han & I went to dinner (Banbu Sushi – yum!) with Cathryn & Jonny then decided to go with them to see Heart. Totally random, right? I used the hashtag SummerofOldRockStarsConcerts on a post on Facebook. Ann Wilson is 63, but she can still sing. It was an awesome show actually. You don’t realize how many songs you know. “Barracuda,” “Magic Man,” “Crazy on You,” plus their cheesy 80s tunes “Alone,” “What About Love.” But their ‘encore,’ brought back their opener, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience, and they did 5 Led Zeppelin songs. And they did them justice. They did “Battle of Evermore,” “Immigrant Song,” “The Rain Song,” “Kashmir,” and “Stairway to Heaven.” It was enjoyable. And another random note? Han knew the bass player, Dan Rothchild. They went to high school together. He called him before the show, but didn’t hear back. Still, wow!

Tuesday night, we drove D up to church in Carlsbad, then drove home down the coast. It was beautiful. We had dinner from the new Five Guys that just opened. It was good!

Last night, Han had a gig at a new venue downtown called Frauds & Swindlers. I didn’t go because I had errands to run after work. I watched tennis and played too long on that damn Candy Crush Saga game!

Tonight, he’s out doing a writing session, and I’m finally catching up on my blog! And now you’re caught up, too. I’m sure there’ll be more to tell after Sandy has been here! So looking forward to it! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

AmericanaramA and other events

Hello! Man, you get out of the routine, and it’s hard to get back in! I missed writing when I went up to visit Mom and Dad the weekend of July 19-21, and then it just didn’t happen!

Here are some things I did:

– On July 26, I went to a poetry slam at San Diego Art Institute. The San Diego slam team was there as part of a fundraiser. I decided to be a judge. While I got booed several times for my scores, I was also extremely consistent. Slam poetry is its own animal. A lot of it, I don’t like much. But sometimes, there are gems. I’m also fond of the group pieces. The SD team has a number of group pieces, and they’re cool.

One of the best things about that night though was talking with Chris Wilson, who is the slam master. He gave me props for helping make slam happen in San Diego and asked me to come to one of their regular events to let ‘the kids’ know what’s up. It was definitely gratifying.

– On Saturday (7/27), I had acupuncture (awesome!), then the Acoustic Duo had a gig that night at a new house concert being run by Java Joe. It was not the best attended, but it was a neat setting and the folks who were there really enjoyed it.

– The whole next week, I worked on my presentation. See, at work, we do this thing the first Friday of every month called Knowledge Feast. It’s voluntary, but when you volunteer, you get to create a presentation on anything you want. It has to be about 30 minutes. We bring in breakfast. So after the one in July about the aesthetics of rock ‘n’ roll, I was inspired and signed up for August. All week I immersed myself in my poetry past, my house concert past, and researched the concept of hosting artists in homes dating back to Ancient Greece. I made a PowerPoint that had video, photos, screen shots, and a 7 page essay that went along with it. On Thursday, I went out to the San Diego poetry slam event, Battle for San Diego. It was the SD team vs. the Hollywood team vs. a youth team. It was packed and very cool to see. I think the SD team (and the Hollywood team) will do well in Boston next week.

So Friday, August 2 was the big presentation day. I took in props. My books, my poetry memorabilia, my Meeting Grace newspaper article that was mounted on a lovely wooden plaque. And I gave my presentation. It was awesome. And the coolest thing was that nearly everybody was super engaged with it (there’s one guy who didn’t seem into it, but I don’t care for him much anyway). I got many compliments about it afterward. It was great. A nice trip down memory lane, and a call to arms a bit about what’s next.

– Saturday, August 3, Han & I took off for Irvine around 1:30 pm. Traffic was insane for some reason. We got to Oceanside at 3. We should have been there by 3 pm. Anyway, we went to our hotel room, then made our way to Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (formerly known as Irvine Meadows). We were there to see the AmericanaramA music festival featuring Ryan Bingham, My Morning Jacket, Wilco, and Bob Dylan. The show started at 5:30 pm. Han and I hung in the car in the parking lot and watched thousands of people file in. We could hear faintly when Ryan Bingham went on and then off, and then the same for MMJ. Thankfully, the theatre had posted the set times on their FB page so we had a good idea of what was going on.

We meandered in around 7:30 pm, about 25 minutes before Wilco was supposed to start. We had lawn seats which meant a climb. Irvine Meadows (as I will refer to it) is a dinosaur. Not ADA compliant in any way. Everyone on Yelp! talked about how awful all the walking is and how steep the lawn is.  We were not looking forward to it.  But on the way in, there was a group of fresh-faced Verizon employees selling upgrades to the terrace seats for $10 each. Sold! It was still a steep climb up to the terrace, but it wasn’t that long. We found our seats, I bought a $10 beer and we were ready.

Wilco was amazing. Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer, was thoroughly engaging & entertaining. I have a couple of their records, but Han loves this band. For their musicianship, lyrics, everything. Jeff Tweedy used to be (like a million years ago) in a band with Jay Farrar called Uncle Tupelo. I have their records. They broke up and Jeff formed Wilco and Jay formed Son Volt. For a long time, I was on team Son Volt. I still really like their records. Jay eventually went solo, but Jeff has been fearless with Wilco, and it has paid off. They may not be very mainstream, but they have super loyal fans, plus they have some wonderful songs.

Anyway, after about 3 or 4 songs, Jeff Tweedy says that on this tour they’ve been able to have special guests from each of the areas they’ve played, and then he introduced Nancy Sinatra! The woman is 73 years old and she sounded great. Wilco backed her up on “Bang Bang” ( and her classic hit “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” ( So fun! Then later, they brought out Ryan Bingham and Jim James (of MMJ) and did California Stars (a Woody Guthrie song that I adore). Their set was awesome and worth it just for them.

After their set, there was a break and they set the stage for Dylan. Man, Bob freaking Dylan. He’s also in his 70s, but he got into it. I didn’t care for his phrasing much (he kept lilting up on the ends of lines), but it was still cool to hear songs like “Simple Twist of Fate,” “Tangled Up in Blue,” and “All Along the Watchtower.” There were songs I didn’t know, too, but his band is so freakin’ good, it’s a pleasure just to hear them. Toward the end, they brought everyone out and they did “The Weight” by the Band. It was super awesome. After the show, we waited a while to let the theater and parking lot clear a bit. We still ended up waiting in the parking lot for a while, but it was okay. We ordered pizza on the way back to the hotel and had a late night dinner. It was a great night.

That pretty catches you up. Last night I went out for a glass of wine with my friend, Lindsay. As I mentioned earlier when I was talking about the presentation, it brought up all these emotions and wonderings about what can I do next? I think I might start seriously working on that book project. I think I’ll start attending more poetry readings. But what else? That’s a good question to ponder.

today I wore a dress

It may not seem like a big deal, but for me it kind of is. I almost changed my mind because this morning, looking at reflections of myself, I kind of felt like a whale. But when I got back from getting coffee, Han said I looked nice and that was enough to make me go for it. Also, I was thinking about my last post and my own perceptions of beauty.

My true body doesn’t reflect my perception of my body and that is a tough thing to deal with. It may usually work the other way around, where you think  you’re heavier than you are, but I go around thinking I’m lighter than I am so that when I see myself, I’m kind of taken aback. I could definitely stand to lose some weight, there’s no question about that. And while I try to watch what I eat, my exercise levels are pretty inconsistent and lately, mostly non-existent. I tend to go in waves.

Yesterday at work, we got some great news. Since I refrain from talking about work, I’ll write in generalities, but it was a HUGE decision that went our way and relieved A LOT of people. But I must say that work has been stressful. The new boss, who I like a lot, is way more involved with what’s happening so I’m being challenged more than ever. That’s good, but it’s taxing. To be in a creative position is difficult because sometimes your spark just isn’t sparking, know what I mean?

I went to see Han play tonight. He was really good and there was a nice crowd. Tomorrow night, I’m going to check out a different poetry reading in Old Town which should be fun. Then Saturday night there’s a house concert but in the morning I get to go to acupuncture! It was supposed to be last week, but she had to reschedule. I sorely missed it and am really looking forward to it.

first week of 2013

It’s not been without excitement. On Dec 31, Han’s brother arrived with his band from Seattle to record with Han. They are 19, 20, and almost 21 so I got them some beer so they could have some new year’s cheer while Han & I went to his gig. (They crashed out early having had just 1 beer between them!) To the gig: Acoustic Duo were special guests of Steve Poltz at The Casbah, and it was a great show. They killed it! It was a great way to ring in the new year, with my love and among friends. 

On the 1st, while the boys recorded, I was extremely productive and knocked off two of the things on my 2013 list (not really resolutions, but short- and long-term goals for the year). I updated my address book in my new planner, and I organized the recipes I have printed out. It was awesome.

On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, it was back to work. I wish I could report that I was super motivated so that the company got its money’s worth, but not so much.

Maybe because a cool little article came out about me and the poetry/music events I put on. It was pretty cool to share it with folks at work who don’t know that much about that side of my life, and I got a lot of wonderful comments on Facebook.

Han is already totally busy. On Thursday night, he had a rehearsal so I barely saw him. Then on Friday, I left to go up to La Mirada. But on the way, I stopped in Carlsbad to see the rehearsal for Acoustic Duo’s show at this great little theater up there. It was the 1st of 2 nights of shows. They were playing with another duo, two of the folks they toured the UK with. They wanted to test out how it would go doing a show with the 2 duos in hopes of taking the acts back to the UK this summer. 🙂

La Mirada was good. My dad is in good spirits and good health. I took him to dialysis on Saturday then stopped at this great bakery called the Candle Light. They have yummy treats. I also stopped at the bank and got a donut for Dad 🙂 Mom wasn’t feeling good but we went out to get her some medicine and got some lunch. After lunch we drove around a little bit looking for new places she could take Lulu. We drove by Neff Park (that I don’t remember ever going to even though it’s very close to our house!) and we also found the olive grove on the Biola campus that was quite lovely. When I went to pick up Dad, there was some excitement there when a car in the parking lot caught on fire. It was scary! But the firemen came and put it out, but it was crazy. That night, we just relaxed at the house. For dinner, we had Chipotle. Dad & I went to get it. On Sunday, I slept in a bit, lounged a bit, played with Lulu etc. I left for San Diego around 2 pm.

That night, Han had another session so I didn’t see him much. Two of the band members (Han’s brother’s band) had left, but J & N were still here. They’re staying with us. The week before they stayed a couple nights, got a room for a couple nights, then were here all weekend. We got some burritos for a late lunch and just hung out.

On Monday, it was work time again and then I met them all for dinner at Ponce’s at 5 pm. At lunch, I had been super productive knocking out a few errands that needed to get done. I was feeling like I had things figured out. And I’m sure you would agree that everything up to this point has been positive and good, right? I agree. But then, how can you or I explain what happened later on that night? Han took D back to her mom’s. I started to get a little headache. J & N were hanging out. I decided to go lie down in the bedroom. Han got home; I knew he was feeling frazzled, too. He went to his studio to watch some TV. I was laying in bed when what seems like all of a sudden, my chest started heaving, as if I was sobbing, but I wasn’t at that time. I tried to regulate my breathing, but it just intensified, then I was sobbing uncontrollably and then I was in the throes of a full-blown panic attack. I sat up in bed and try as I might I couldn’t stop hyperventilating. I called out (weakly) to Han a few times, then got a little more volume and he came rushing in. He totally helped me calm down and get my breathing under control. When he was there, I remember that I was making this high-pitched sound, like keening. It was like when he came in, I knew I was safe and yet the attack seemed to escalate slightly. It took about an hour before I felt okay. That hour I was using every ounce of my energy to not fall over the edge again. It still felt very close. Han and I talked a lot in that hour which was very helpful.

I wish I could explain how or why it happened. I wish I could tell you that I’m not afraid of it happening again. I contacted my doctor and will make an appointment. I stayed home from work today. I didn’t sleep very well last night and when I thought about the episode this morning, it made me very emotional. I know that this will make my family worry, and I’m sorry about that. I am doing everything I possibly know how to do to keep myself balanced and healthy. I simply can’t explain why it happened. But it happened. It was real. And it sucked.

Today, I’ve taken it easy. I checked in at work by email, but I spent a lot of time on Facebook, particularly posting and promoting this new video of the Acoustic Duo. Han was busy in the studio finishing up tracking for his brother’s band. I played FB games and just tried to relax. I have another small headache tonight. I’ll be sure to mention the headaches to my doctor.

Oh, I forgot to mention that a person from the music scene passed away (I didn’t really know him but know a lot of people who loved him) and another friend, who I know very well and love dearly, is in the hospital tonight. You know, there are lots of people, especially in the beginning of the year, who spout about love and peace and harmony. It’s one thing to spout about it and another thing to act on it. I tell the people I love that I love them every time I see or speak to them. I hope that my actions back up my words because I never want to feel like I missed an opportunity to express my love for the people who make up my life.

So that sums up my first week of 2013. Like I said, not without excitement.

2012 wrap-up

Well, I must say my blogging this year was pretty atrocious. Except for my valiant effort in November (28 out of 30 days), the rest of my posts for the year add up to just 17. Pathetic. So I’ll try to recap my year here, because there was stuff I did, I just didn’t document it here.

January: The big news of January was my dad’s surgery. It seems like so long ago, and although the result was not what we had expected, it’s been okay. My mom also bought Lulu at the beginning of the month. 🙂


I went up to San Francisco and Napa to see Han play with Flan. One of the shows, Bob Weir, of the Grateful Dead was a guest and Han got to play percussion with him and also guitar (on “Friend of the Devil”). It was a big moment for Han, and I’m glad I was there to see it.

February: My first cover story for the San Diego Troubadour was published. It was about the Lovebirds. My dad was released from the hospital and stayed for a couple weeks in a rehab facility. At the end of the month, he was able to go home. At the Oscars, “The Artist” won Best Picture. I still haven’t seen it.

March: Ever since my dad got sick (August 2011), I’ve been trying to go up to see my parents about every other weekend. When Han is on the road, I’ll usually go up, too. I went up 3 weekends in March, one of which, my sister came down, too. I also had my first mammogram. We lost our friend, Eric Lowen, to ALS. And I got diverticulitis (2nd time in as many years) that took me to Urgent Care for about 12 hours. 😦

April: Since it was National Poetry Month, I attempted to write a poem a day. I think I got 4 poems in and that was it. I did attend a publication party for a book called News Clips & Ego Tripsan anthology of the best of Next…Magazine, a poetry ‘zine I contributed to in the late 90s. Sandy went with me to the reading that was in a funky bar in Long Beach. The Lovebirds released their debut CD (recorded by Han) called “Nutsy Pants.” I traveled with Han and the Acoustic Duo to Santa Barbara for a gig they had up there.

May: I went to La Mirada then joined the Acoustic Duo for a house concert in LA. I traveled to Berkeley for a work conference. The day before I left, we had a fairly large reorganization in my department which meant several people were let go. It sucked. D was in a performance of Peter Pan for Junior Theatre. Han traveled to Texas to do some recording with Barbara and also for the Acoustic Duo to play the Kerrville Folk Festival. I also cut my hair!

hair_May 12  haircut_May 12

June: I went ziplining! At the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was awesome!

ziplining_June 12


I also had some health appointments: I had an ultrasound on my abdomen (beginning signs of a fatty liver), and I had a colonscopy. Everything’s fine down there, but the prep for that procedure is god-awful. We went to a ‘songwriting sleepover.’ The Acoustic Duo were guests in the morning (no camping for us!)

July: The Acoustic Duo went to England! I had jury duty. The AD had gigs in Burbank & Altadena. The Olympics started. D was in a performance of Footloose at Junior Theatre.

August: Went to Disneyland for 2 days to celebrate D’s 15th birthday with Han’s sister and nephew. From there, Han went to Las Vegas and I went to La Mirada. D went up to Washington with her aunt & cousin. Spent a week in Utah with my sister to help her after she had a total knee joint replacement. That was a great week.

September: Attended a wedding for a friend from work/music world. Got a nice photo with Han:


The Acoustic Duo performed the National Anthem at Petco Park before a Padres game.


I attended Matt & Joey’s surprise(!) wedding where Jeff was the officiant.  They had a photo booth.

L & J 3

I did a featured reading at Upstart Crow Bookstore. And then there was “O Berkley, Where Hart Thou?” It was triumphant!

finale_2012  me_BH

October: My second cover story about Sharon Whyte was published in the San Diego Troubadour. Han & I took an epic road trip that has been chronicled here and here. We started recording the Sordid Tales Podcast. I had a fantastic Halloween costume.


And the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Here’s a photo of Flan and his wife, Hot Donna, in the parade 🙂

Flan & Donna
Flan & Donna

November: The Acoustic Duo had a great show at Swedenborg Hall. Han, D & I went to see “The Book of Mormon” in LA. I flew up to San Francisco and joined Han for some dates with Flan. I turned 41. Spent Thanksgiving with my parents.

December: I had a featured reading in Escondido at my friend, Robt’s poetry series. Had dinner at Mr. A’s with a duo who had completed their record with Han. Dad went back to the hospital for a few days but is much better now. Put together a small chapbook called Poems for Euterpe with all the poems I’ve read aboard the Star of India for Flan’s annual show. Went to La Mirada for Christmas and Sandy, MT & T came, too. Sandy, Jeff & I handled Christmas Eve dinner for all the family. It went great. Christmas was awesome, too.

familia  JB, me, Sandy, MT  Mom, Dad, T  Wann sibs

This weekend, I plan to get the house cleaned up, relax some, and gear up for 2013. On New Year’s Eve, the Acoustic Duo will be guests of Steve Poltz for his show at the Casbah. It should be quite the party!

These have all been personal reflections, certainly not a recap of the year in social or political issues. There are plenty of things that happened that will impact history (the presidential election, Superstorm Sandy, and the too many mass shootings to name a few). Even though these things are part of my world, the reflection of them are for someone else’s blog.

I’m not sure if I’ll get the chance to write again before the new year, so if not, see you next year!