Happy 50th, Sandy!

My sister turned 50 yesterday. Man, that does not mean what it used to. When I was growing up, 50 seemed far away. It was barely a number I registered except to know it was old. But that’s so not how it is. My sister is a vibrant, fun, and amazing person. She loves her family and is proud of them.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend a week with her the last week of May, and although we were busy, we still had time to just hang. I swear, I wish we had been as close as we are now for much longer. I mean, I think we’ve almost always had a good relationship. But being 5 years apart when you’re in junior high/high school is different than when you’re grown-ass women. When I was in high school, she was done with college, living in another state and doing her thing. Really, it’s kind of amazing that we’ve been able to cultivate this relationship that I treasure over the distance.

But it’s happened, through letter-writing, phone calls, and visits. Through mini-vacations and baseball. Through the love of our parents.

I love you, Sandy Sue!

a cousin, a birthday, and a road trip

Some highlights from March included a visit from cousin Kyle. He’s the son of one of Han’s cousins. He lives in Missouri. He’s a nice kid. He spent most of his time with D or on his own. I felt kind of bad because Han & I were pretty busy during his stay.

He happened to be here when Han’s birthday rolled around. I took everyone out to Juniper & Ivy, an amazing restaurant in the Kettner area. It’s one of Richard Blais’s restaurants. That was my third time there, and it was amazing again. We had several appetizers to share, my favorite was the “deviled eggs” served in an egg white meringue. I know. It sounds weird, but I’m telling you, it was great. It’s the kind of place where pretty much anything you have is going to be incredible.

For my entree, I had the spring vegetable ragout. For dessert, we had the Yodel (not my photo):


It’s one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten. I had let them know we were celebrating a birthday, so Han got a buttermilk ice cream dessert that he really liked.

The weekend after the birthday, and after Kyle had left, I drove up to La Mirada, and on Sunday, Mom, Dad & I took a road trip back to San Diego so they could see this latest house I’m in while they still could.

It had been a few years since they’d traveled down to SD so it was very special. We stopped in to Han’s new studio so they could see him and check out the new space which was cool. Then it was on to the house. After the grand tour, Dad got set up to watch some TV while Mom and I went to grab some sandwiches for lunch. After we ate, we chatted for a while, then it was time to head back, but not before a stop at Extraordinary Desserts, one of Mom’s favorite places. She loves the Truffe Framboise cake (not my photo):


We headed back to LM where I stayed the night, then headed into work from there the next day. I was glad they got to see this house. Mom liked the size of the yard. Dad liked it, too. But now we’re all putting good vibes out to the universe for my next home sweet home.


Who knows numerology? It seems like 44 should be a good number, right?

I’m 44 today.

I slept nearly 10 hours last night. That was delightful.

Around 11 am, I left the house to go for a walk exploring the footbridges of San Diego. I found this route and thought it might be fun. But I didn’t want to start in Balboa Park, so I decided instead to go to Vermont St. From there, my first stop was Starbucks. There was one right across the Vermont St bridge so I set off.

This bridge was my favorite because of all the poetry on. This bit of verse by Audre Lorde was at the entry:

And here’s the bridge itself:

Vermont St

All along the railings were more bits of verse and phrases and etched in the concrete of the bridge on the edges were the various definitions for ‘bridge.’ It was so cool. It goes over a freeway so there weren’t any other good photo ops.

Across the bridge, I went to Starbucks for my free birthday drink and really took a look at the map. I was trying to figure out if I wanted to do the whole walk. It seemed very long. I decided to do the ones around that area, then drive over to 1st Ave and do those.

I went back to my car and just drove over the one on Georgia which was fine because it was not very nice as far as bridges go. Then I went down to 1st Ave. I parked in a neighborhood on Front St and started walking. It wasn’t long before I was at Spruce St.

Spruce St dedication

This bridge is super cool. There were people on it, but there was still time for me to take a couple shots.

At one point, a runner went across, and that thing was moving! I walked to the other side and decided to walk around the neighborhood. It was a super nice day, and the houses over there are beautiful. I happened upon this lovely little free library:

free library

Does anyone else have these in their towns/cities? I’ve seen a few around, and I love the idea!

I also saw this plaque on a house that I thought was funny (I also think it’s not true because the house it was on looked really old and really fabulous):


I walked back across Spruce St after ambling for a bit and made my way to 1st Ave. I walked across the bridge on that street, but it was trafficky and not very scenic so not photo-worthy. But then I walked up and turned on Quince St to walk across that bridge:

Quince St

On the other side, I was on 4th Avenue so I made my way back to Upas, turned left and went down to Front to where my car was parked. It was a great walk on an absolutely gorgeous day.

After that, it was around 2 pm, and I wasn’t sure what to do. I decided to go to a movie. I saw “The Martian,” and it’s as good as people say it is. The bummer thing was that I missed the first 15 minutes because it was at a theater I’d never been to before. It’s in a mall, and there was construction. Anyway, I know what I missed, but I still would have liked to see it 😦

After the movie, I realized I hadn’t thought it all through because it was around 5 pm, and not everyone had taken the day off! Traffic was terrible. I managed to find a route that at least kept me moving, but I still didn’t get home until 6:30(!) At which point Han left to go get us some dinner (one of my favorites, El Zarape).

While he was gone, I took a shower, then I called my folks. I got a lot of nice messages, texts, and posts on FB. That was all really nice.

When he got back, we settled in and watched one of our favorite movies, “Elf.” So cute, and a start to the holiday spirit.

Not a bad birthday. Only bits of melancholy sprinkled here and there. 🙂

My friend, Cathryn, played one of my poems on her radio show today. It starts just before 1:01 (hour and 1 minute).




birthday eve

When I got to work this morning, my co-workers had decorated the door to my office:


The purple paper made it dark and ominous-looking, but cool nonetheless. I didn’t take it down. That’s what will happen on Friday (if the cleaning people don’t take it down first). It was a nice thing for them to do.

My friend bought me coffee, and then around 3 pm, one guy came into my office and shut the door saying he needed to vent. Then my boss knocked on the door, followed by another person, and another, until I think nearly everyone in my department was jammed into my office. I think someone counted that there were 19 people in there. It was funny and different. Usually, we fake a meeting somewhere or ask someone to go into the kitchen randomly. They sang and then we did move into the kitchen to feast on a cinnamon swirl bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Delicious. There was even some left over so I got to bring it home.

After work, I went to yet another happy hour for someone who was leaving the company (not necessarily of her own choosing).  Didn’t stay long but wanted to wish her well.

Got home and chatted with Han for a bit. Had dinner and watched some TV and some movie trailers (A Very Murray Christmas, 2oolander, and the new Star Wars – all that we could find).

Tomorrow will be for sleeping in, going on a walk, and thinking about another orbit for me.


preemptive birthday blues

It’s my birthday this week. Over the weekend, I didn’t think much about it, but come today, it’s all I could think about. And it didn’t suit me.

Before I started writing tonight, I went back to read what I’d written last year. I didn’t do NaBloPoMo last year. I was in the throes of depression. It’s rearing its ugly head again now. I see it. I recognize it. I wanted to close the door in its face before it came in, but it’s too late.